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Eugene Buchanan: Finding the spirit of the Olympics with NBC

With the Olympics underway in Rio, Steamboat Today tapped magazine editor Eugene Buchanan to reflect on his stint working for NBC at the Beijing Olympics.

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Matt Eidt

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Mississippi, Matt Eidt knew he wanted to call Steamboat Springs home after a two-week visit in 2008. “I’ve seen a lot of fantastic communities and I just fell in love with Steamboat,” says Eidt, 33, a broker, and youngest owner, with Colorado Group Reality. “I’ve never found a more beautiful, open and complete community.”

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Cole Hewitt

After growing up in Casper, Wyo., and graduating from Laramie’s University of Wyoming with an accounting degree, Cole Hewitt, 31, let the Wyoming winds fill his sails and carry him to Steamboat Springs in 2011.

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Gillian Morris

Thoughtful, caring, selfless, even Wonder Woman— those are all words rising like cream to the top of the nomination forms in describing Gillian Morris. The co-owner and vice-president of Talon Grips, Morris also gives of herself wherever she can, most notably as a three-year board member of the Steamboat Springs Rotary Club.

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Tara Weaver

It took leaving town for college and traveling the world for a while for Tara Weaver, 33, to realize how much she loves Steamboat Springs. Now working as operations director for her family’s Central Park Management, she’s doing everything she can to give back, using her work skills to help support the community.

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Kara Stoller

Before moving to Steamboat Springs in 2007, Kara Stoller, 33, worked special event production in Philadelphia after graduating from West Virginia University. She wasted no time putting her skills to use as marketing director for the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association. It’s a perfect fit, given her background, friendly personality and penchant for all things Ski Town USA.

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Steamboat Living: 20 Under 40-Laura Cusenbary

Giving comes easily to Laura Cusenbary, 37, a financial advisor for Wells Fargo Advisors. It runs in the family. “I’m fortunate to have had a family growing up that was very philanthropic,” she says.

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Eugene Buchanan: Mud runners among us ... or is it blade runners?

I’ll admit it ... I’m not much of a runner — unless I’m being chased, which happens far less than it used to. I’m happy expanding my lung capillaries through less cartilage-pounding pursuits.

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Fossil find: New Pterosaur found near Dinosaur National Monument

There’s more reason to make the voyage toward Vernal, Utah — and to be glad you weren’t doing so 210 million years ago. At a cliffside, first unearthed in 2009 just outside Dinosaur National Monument, paleontologists recently discovered the remains of a new pterosaur, the largest flying reptile of its time.

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Kermit the Frog vs. Local David Jolly

People in Steamboat have many hidden talents. None more guttural than that of David Jolly, a former Disney performer who, in 2004 after Disney’s acquisition of The Muppets, was a lily pad’s hop away from becoming the new voice for the lovable Kermit the Frog. Here’s how the two stack up head to slimy head.

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The Lorenz home: A showcase of industrial mountain contemporary

Call it “steampunk.” That sums up the interior of Jim and Lisa Lorenz’s new 2,600-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath house in upper Fairview, which blends an array of modern finishes with a more rustic, industrial-style feel.

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Fresh food fast: Farm to Fork delivers locally sourced foods

Want fresh food — that’s not pizza — delivered to your front door? Enter Farm to Fork, Steamboat’s newest locally sourced food delivery service.

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Steamboat Staycations: Close-to-home travel ideas

Who says you have to go to Botswana for your getaway? Summer or winter, countless adventures await closer to home, from renting cabins with a crackling fire to soaking in hot springs or taking the train to Glenwood. Read on for close-by vacations that let you stretch your legs and pocketbook while having you back home Sunday night — tan, rested and ready for the week ahead.

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5 Minutes With...Chief of the Chief Scott Parker

One look at the marquee for the Chief Theater downtown — Western Melodrama, Acronym, The Vagina Monologues — and it’s easy to see that Executive Director Scott Parker is 1) having fun; and 2) doing a great job of bringing the arts in their myriad forms to downtown’s premiere performance venue.

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Eugene Buchanan: Finagling powder

Holy Tuesday through Thursday storm cycles, Batman. This past week made three in a row when storms have walloped the Yampa Valley in that three-day time frame, dumping 35, 30 and 25 inches, respectively, atop Mount Werner for a March to remember after a February to forget. With another on tap for this Tuesday, El Nino is keeping a schedule as tight as that of any daycare-attending, soccer-playing toddler.

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Matt Tredway: Climbing Mont Blanc, Chamonix

European adrenaline

Sketchy conditions — and dead bodies getting carried off your target mountain — can melt a mountaineer’s morale like the polar icecap. That’s why Steamboat Springs climber Matt Tredway, who headed to Switzerland’s Bernese Alps in November to scale the Eiger, had no qualms about changing plans at the mountain’s base and heading for the greener climbing pastures of Chamonix.

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Steamboat Mountain School students: Greece, Mongolia and Tanzania

Cool school

While most students were staring at chalkboards last spring, Steamboat Mountain School students were sea kayaking in Greece, riding horses with Mongolian nomads and hunting with Hadzabe tribesmen in Tanzania. It’s all part of the school’s Global Immersion Studies program, which each year takes students abroad to broaden their cultural understanding.

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Greg Hamilton: Fly-fishing for Bhutan's hard-fighting golden mahseer

Fish the Yampa for rainbows all you want: Steamboat Springs filmmaker Greg Hamilton will take heading to Bhutan to chase the elusive golden mahseer, the hardest-fighting freshwater fish in the world.

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Robert Orr: Riding the Triple Crown; Mike Schlichtman: Riding the Tour Divide

Don’t blame North Routt local Robert Orr if he was a tad saddle sore last summer. He had just completed mountain biking’s notorious Triple Crown — racing the Tour Divide and Colorado and Arizona Trail races all in the same calendar year — at the ripe age of 61, breaking the age group records in all three. And fellow local Mike Schlichtman had his work cut out racing the 2,745-mile Tour Divide...

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Schussing the midnight sun — Barry Smith: Telemark skiing Iceland

Don’t let the fact that he got piggyback rides across the water from a burly Icelandic guide named Runar sway you from thinking Barry Smith’s boat-accessed skiing trip to Iceland last spring was pampered. And even if it was — complete with apres toasts around a warm fire in a restored sheepherder’s hut — they earned every fiord-lined turn they schussed in their week-long adventure at 65 degrees of latitude.

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Eric Meyer, Dan Bell, Mark Cox, Chhiring Dorje Sherpa: Trekking for earthquake victims

Assisting the Nepalese

After Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years — one that also killed 16 Sherpas in the deadliest avalanche in Mt. Everest’s history — four locals took it upon themselves to call attention to the area’s devastation by trekking there themselves.

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The Buchanans: Supping Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park

A stand-up adventure

The main differences between caimans and crocodiles are caimans’ smaller size, pointier head and upper jaw covering their bottom teeth. But that’s hard to tell from a paddleboard when all you see are menacing, beady eyes. And it’s hard to explain to your kids wobbling next to you.

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Jacob McCoola: Rowing from Steamboat to Lake Powell

Stroke, stroke, stroke

Jacob McCoola’s excursion might have been closer to home than others, but it was no less adventurous — even if it started just a mile from his front door. McCoola spent nearly 50 straight days last summer rafting from Steamboat Springs to Lake Powell, a distance of nearly 600 miles.

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Kurt Casey: A 400-mile first descent of Bolivia's Rio Pilcomayo

When a river flushes through a natural tunnel of rock right ahead of you, you know things are getting dicey. When that happens on a Class V rapid during a 400-mile first kayak descent in the middle of Bolivia, it’s even more harrowing.

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Steamboat grad to be inducted into High School Hall of Fame

Southall is 22nd Coloradan to be inducted into High School Hall of Fame

Tom Southall, who graduated in 1981 from Steamboat Springs High School with 12 letters in four sports, was named March 1 as one of five athletes, four coaches, two administrators and one official who will be inducted into the National Federation of State High School Association's National High School Hall of Fame this summer.

Selfies with Shiffrin: A visit to the SIA ski show

What’s it like to head from Ski Town USA to Snow Sports Industry America’s annual ski show in Denver? Here’s a snapshot from the trenches working for its daily publications.

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From Ski Town USA to snow show

Steamboat heads to Denver’s annual SIA tradeshow

What do ski icon Glen Plake, Olympic gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin and nearly everyone in the ski business in Steamboat have in common? You’ll likely find them this weekend at Denver’s annual Snowsports Industries America Snow Show, held Thursday through today at the Colorado Convention Center.

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Eugene Buchanan: Skiing for tree art

I’m skiing through a grove of aspen trees high on Buffalo Pass, a warm spell texturing the snow — a cross between powder and corn. The combo seems oddly fitting, as I’m searching for a phonetic cross between the two: porn. More specifically, hidden stashes of erotic tree art etched into area’s aspens by long lost — and obviously lonely — sheepherders.

Eugene Buchanan: Black Diamond Boy

Outfitted head-to-toe on a backcountry trip to B.C.

What would you do if you were heading on a skiing trip to the British Columbia backcountry with your buddy the Black Diamond rep? You’d hop right into a nearby phone booth and become Black Diamond Boy.

Eugene Buchanan: Fear and loathing with snowblowers

I approach it with trepidation every year. You never know what kind of reaction you’re going to get after ignoring it so long. No, it’s not my dog after a long absence, or even a visit to my doctor or dentist. It’s something far more crucial to living in Ski Town USA: my snowblower.

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Eugene Buchanan: Ode to Daffy

Pop a daffy under the lift today, and you’re considered either a hipster or a loser. It’s a shame because the daffy is one of skiing’s marquee stunts — one that, unlike a cork 540, still is within the grasp of The Everyman Skier.

Eugene Buchanan: Maddy's misfortune

Some wedding table conversations are better than others. Still, none of us at Table 9 were prepared for the doozy related by John “Maddy” Madigan, a not-too-backcountry-savvy friend from Seattle.

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2015 Holiday Guide: Steamboat's yule log tradition

The most unusual holiday tradition for a smattering of sleuthing Steamboat Springs locals is hunting for a buried log.

2015 Holiday Guide: Outdoor gear guide

Here are 11 perfect gifts that keep the giving local.

Eugene Buchanan: 117 guest days and counting

A lot of people have grandiose dreams of building a house in a ski town. A minimal commute to the slopes, a ski rack inside the front door, a crackling fire … maybe even a strategically positioned dump light outside the living room that lets you monitor snowfall.

Eugene Buchanan: Surviving the year's first skin

Whether it’s trudging up Mount Werner before the resort opens or breaking trail in the backcountry, donning skins and earning your turns is ascending in popularity, just as its minions are doing on local mountains.

Friends of the Yampa fundraiser at Sake2U Sat., Nov. 21

Online silent auction runs Nov. 14-21 at

With the permitting process nearing completion for its Phase 1 river project with the city, Friends of the Yampa is holding its biggest fundraiser of the year, the Big Snow Dance, at Sake2U on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Local filmmaker funding documentary

Local filmmaker Greg Hamilton, a former producer for Warren Miller Entertainment, has until Nov. 19 for his Kickstarter campaign to help fund his new documentary film, "Power of the River" about a whitewater- and fly-fishing-filled trip down Bhutan’s remote Drangme river.

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Down, set...hike! Former NFLers calling Steamboat home

While Steamboat has its share of Olympians and other athletes — skiers, bike racers, rodeo stars you name it — a few folks once made their greenbacks on the gridiron. Perhaps the legacy owes itself to the late Doak Walker, who won the Heisman Trophy in 1948 and earned a spot in the NFL Football Hall of Fame for the Detroit Lions before settling in Steamboat. But it’s more likely due to our easy-going lifestyle and scenery, far removed from stadiums and paparazzi. No matter your team allegiance, following are a few NFLers you might run into in the lift line. 

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Word of the month: 5 locals share their thoughts on “Timing”

Word of the month: 5 locals share their thoughts on “Timing”

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That’s tubular: Building the perfect river tube

Think your river ride is sweet? Try the new Tubular Tube being launched through Kickstarter by former Steamboat resident Sebastian Schleicher...

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Harvest skis

Forget Neil Young and Steamboat’s harvest moon in September. Local woodworker Eric Baker will take his Harvest Skis. That’s the brand he’s breathing life into in his new line of garage-made, wooden skis.

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Ode to the Gondola: 30 years and still kicking

If only our cars enjoyed this kind of longevity. In 2016, the Steamboat Gondola, once affectionately known as the Silver Bullet, celebrates its 30th year of operation, a milestone for any machine helping us access the goods.

What El Nino spells for snowfall

Okay, all you closet storm chasers, it’s official: El Niño’s back. But what’s that spell for our snowpack in Steamboat? Don’t necessarily start stocking up the snow shovels...

Letter from the Editor: Down, Set...Ski!

Am I the only one to do this? Every fall riding the bike path, I slalom around leaves, spots and other markings as if I’m running gates on the slopes. I veer this way and that, angling into turns and carving around whatever has fallen from the heavens like a veritable Lindsey Vonn vadeling down the Core Trail.

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5 Minutes With...Ski Corp Prez Rob Perlman

As Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.’s new president, Rob Perlman brings 20 years of ski and travel industry experience to the table, including leadership positions with Colorado Ski Country, U.S.A., Intrawest and ski resorts in California and Colorado. He lives the Steamboat lifestyle with his wife, Erin, and daughters, Amanda, 15, and Morgan, 13, shuttling his kids to the slopes, dance practice, the golf course and more. Don’t be surprised to see him slide onto the chair next to you this ski season.

Best Nursery/Gardening Supplier: Windemere Landscape & Garden Center

While plastics might have been the future in The Graduate, for Windemere Landscape & Garden Center, winner of this year’s best Nursery/Gardening Supplier, it’s perennials.

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Best Men's Clothing Store: Allen's Clothing

Best Men’s Clothing Store: Allen’s Clothing: Let’s just say it’s a good family to be in to get hand-me-downs.

Best Real Estate Agent: Matt Eidt, Colorado Group Realty

Before moving to Steamboat, Matt Eidt of Colorado Group Realty was a 10-year professional photographer who practiced photojournalism in South Africa, guided trips in Ecuador’s Amazon and skied in Chile. All that and more has helped him navigate the jungle of local real estate.

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Labor Day at Flaming Gorge

For a spur-of-the-moment camping adventure, Utah's Flaming Gorge is "flaming gorgeous."