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Eugene Buchanan: Hail to the new trail

Those with mortal lungs were milking freshies on the 4.25-mile Morning Gloria, Steamboat Springs' newest mountain bike trail. You only get one chance at a first impression and Morning Gloria’s was...glorious.

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New sail plane club has glider pilots giddy

Look skyward this summer and you might see a few more sail planes soaring around Steamboat. This spring, a group of ardent aviators formed the seven-member-strong, nonprofit Steamboat Springs Soaring Association, a glider club pooling resources to fly with a winch off a 4,500-foot-long landing strip on ranch land owned by Ray Selbe.

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Delightfully Solifeful: A family- and food-filled sea kayak trip in Alaska’s Kachemak Bay

Tide-pooling is a verb in Alaska. It’s 11 a.m. and the ebb is at its lowest outside our cabin in Kachemak Bay — home of the second largest tides in the world of up to 28 vertical feet. That means it’s tide-pool time. The concept is simple. You don rubber boots and wade around kelp-covered rocks, marveling at a life-filled world completely underwater only minutes ago.

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Locals 2014: Dr. Dave Williams

This summer marks a milestone for Dr. David Williams, 68. On July 1, he’ll retire from Steamboat Medical Clinic, which he co-founded with Dr. John Sharp 39 years ago.

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Eugene Buchanan: A Colorado moment

We’ve all had those times when something Colorado-ish just clicks — a moonrise over the aspen, a rainbow framing a deer, a trout rise in the early morning mist. My mile-high moment came last weekend, when even the good lord above would’ve had a hard time scripting a more scenic scenario from our 38th state.

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Yampa River Awareness Project brings river advocates down Yampa Canyon

For the fourth time, local nonprofit Friends of the Yampa (FOY) hosted a group of more than 20 national conservationists, water policy stakeholders and other river advocates for a four-day raft trip through Yampa Canyon and Dinosaur National Monument as part of its Yampa River Awareness Project (YRAP).

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Eugene Buchanan: NHL stars descend on Howelsen for benefit game

Members of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association were here for the weekend to play a benefit game for the Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association.

Eugene Buchanan: Cat on a hot tin roof

Having your roof electrified with 120 volts reaffirms that anything can happen in Ski Town USA

Science teachers: Want a case study for your next class? Use my house. It all started on Valentine’s Day, when my 5-year-old niece, Lily, visiting with her parents from Alaska, came into the laundry room and told her mom, Laurie, she “was scared of the fire.”

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100 years and counting: Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club celebrates its centennial

While this year’s Winter Carnival is entering its second century, its benefactor, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, is right on its ski boot heels, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014.

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Steamboat heads to annual SIA tradeshow in Denver

It might be easier to find untracked lines this weekend at Steamboat Ski Area. Not because of the recent storm blanketing Mt. Werner, but because of the annual Snowsports Industries America (SIA) SIA Snow Show in Denver, held this year Jan. 30 - Feb. 2 at the Colorado Convention Center.

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Eugene Buchanan: If I had a million dollars...

What did you do on New Year’s?

Jim Creeggan, of the Barenaked Ladies, was in town with his family for the holidays, staying at the well-appointed second home of his in-laws. Our far-from-polished, midlife crisis band El Kabong was invited to said house on Jan. 1 for a New Year’s party. And there, sure enough, Creeggan grabbed a bass and joined us on the makeshift living room stage, where I made the most of the opportunity.

Business of Water Summit draws Colorado River stakeholders to Denver

Steamboat Springs nonprofits, including Friends of the Yampa and Protect the Flows, were represented at the summit, which aimed to advance water policy and incentivize conservation.

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Grand County Grand for big game

With vast tracts of public land and sizable animal herds, Grand County, which encompasses Kremmling, Hot Sulphur Springs, Granby and Grand Lake, also can apply its grand namesake to big game hunting.

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Scenic Overdose Syndrome on Alaska’s Alsek River

Outdoor writer Eugene Buchanan shares his experience on a 12-day float down Alaska’s Alsek River, which cuts through the heart of the Yukon’s Kluane and Alaska’s Glacier Bay national parks.

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Steamboat businesses head to Outdoor Retailer trade show in Utah

Your favorite outdoor shop and the companies that make many of their products might be a little short-staffed this week after a mass exodus from Steamboat Springs to Salt Lake City for the annual Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show.

Steamboat Living: Quick Hits — Steamboat Scuttlebutt

Feel good about your little 5K jog or even Steamboat Marathon? That’s peanuts. In April, three men ran through town en route to logging 3,000 miles across the country to raise money for bone cancer research.

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Locals 2013: Bob Hyams

Look beneath the sets of local drummers and you’ll see something taking the percussion world by storm, all from the Copper Ridge business of local Bob Hyams.

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Locals 2013: Rick Bear

Professional musician, camera store owner, portrait shooter, red-ski-suit-wearing photo seller, poster designer, custom woodworker, clothing entrepreneur. Rick Bear has been all those and more since moving to Steamboat in 1971. In the process, it’s put him in touch with countless locals and visitors and reaffirmed why he’s glad to call Steamboat home.

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Locals 2013: Lynne Miller

As the owner of dog-walking company Happy Tails, Lynne Miller’s clients always are wagging with delight to see her. The same can be said for their two-legged owners as well as everyone else she’s touched in her 40 years in the Yampa Valley.

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Steamboat Living: From the Editor — Finding the Right Balance

I realized it one weekday evening this May while kayaking the Elk River. The stretch is fast and clear, running east-west straight into the sun above Sand Mountain, which backlights its waves into a camera flash ribbon of white. It’s these waves that make the run so appealing.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits — ‘Undercover Boss’

Former Steamboat Ski Corp. exec stars in reality show

If you watched CBS’s Emmy Award-winning TV show “Undercover Boss” this spring, you might think that the California lifestyle has rubbed off on former Steamboat Ski Area executive Andy Wirth.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits – Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Turns 20

Steamboat Springs’ Rocky Mountain Youth Corps has come a long way from its start as a crew of seven showing up at Diamond Peak on June 10, 1993, to repair a rundown buck-’n’-rail fence surrounding a campground.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits — Photoshop: April Fools’ Style

Friend local photographer Aryeh Copa on Facebook and come April, you might find yourself second-guessing some of his shots. Every April Fool’s Day, Copa does a little photoshopping for fun, and the results — a cross between what you might find in a Thomas Mangelsen gallery and a Red Bull catalog — have made waves around town.

Eugene Buchanan: Cruisin' the crust

When a perfect crust forms on the spring snowpack atop Rabbit Ears Pass, it serves up something relatively unusual in Steamboat and its high-altitude flats: crust skiing.

Eugene Buchanan: Inside Cody’s Challenge

There are countless ways to lose time in your first Randonee race: Being out of shape is one, as is being spastic at transitions, slow on the downhills and schizo about layering.

Steamboat’s presence felt at SIA Snow Show

Don’t be surprised if your favorite ski shop is a tad short-handed this weekend. Not because everyone’s out sampling the snow but rather “The Show.”

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Eugene Buchanan: Are you cool enough to be a dork?

If this month gets remembered for its lack of snowfall, it also might go down for its urban line accolades. Not even a windstorm swept up to Etch-a-Sketch away locals’ snowy artwork.

Eugene Buchanan: How I got a gun case for Christmas

Forget the in-laws, last-minute shopping and stress of frothing your meringue to a pointed whip. The real test of the holidays is surviving the white elephant gift exchange.

Eugene Buchanan: Feeding the frenzy

It’s been a while since we’ve seen such a feeding frenzy. Sixty-three inches of snow in 10 days after a prolonged drought will do that to people.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Ski area turns 50, Winter Carnival turns 100

Two of the town’s strongest ties to snowsports are celebrating special anniversaries this season, with Steamboat Ski Area turning 50 and Winter Carnival turning a whopping 100.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Steamboat Powdercats Turns 30

If cats have nine lives, Steamboat Powdercats, founded in 1983 by Jupiter and Barbara Jones, is doing pretty well, celebrating its 30th birthday this year.

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Steamboat Living: From the Editor - Mushing into a New Season

The ritual is always the same. Move everything from its summer berth in the garage — the kayaks, rafts, bikes, pogo sticks, tents, backpacks, fishing gear, coolers and more — back into its crawl space nook to make room for two cars and ski gear.

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Steamboat Living: BASE jumping enthusiast Kerry Lofy discusses love for skiing, teaching and Steamboat

It was a bad place to slip. Standing at the edge of the Eiger’s 4,000-foot vertical face in Switzerland in late August, Steamboat Springs local Kerry Lofy readied his gear for his first wing-suit BASE jump and launched off the lip.

Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Hero to zero snow years make 2013 hard to predict

If ever there were two schizophrenic snow seasons in Steamboat, it was the back-to-back winters of 2010-11 and 2011-12.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Rainbow Town USA

Dorothy would have been right at home singing in Steamboat Springs this summer.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Marquee rapid on Yampa rearranged from rockfall

River runners who run Warm Springs Rapid in Yampa Canyon next year might want to give the rapid a second look while scouting. In early August, rockfall altered the landmark drop significantly.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits - Steamboat Symphony Orchestra training high-caliber performerse

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club might create virtuosos on the snow, but another nonprofit in town is doing the same on a different playing field.

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Skiing with the US Ski Team at Copper Mountain’s new Speed Center

Don’t be surprised if you notice a little less skid in my turns this year. I had a little help on Halloween. While the rest of the country was carving pumpkins, I was carving turns with members of the U.S. Ski Team at the new U.S. Ski Team Speed Center at Copper Mountain.

Eugene Buchanan: Running it blind

Erik Weihenmayer is taking the expression “running rapids blind” to new heights.

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Backpacking to the source of the Amazon

If you’re going to knock something off the bucket list, it might as well fill a big bucket. That’s my reasoning, anyway, behind camping at a lung-busting 16,200 feet in the Peruvian Andes on a four-day, mule-assisted backpack trip to the source of the Amazon River — a far cry from our Yampa River back home.

Eugene Buchanan: End of an era

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve done gone and reached the end of my soccer coaching era in Steamboat. With the end of the Steamboat Mountain Soccer Tournament on July 15, my daughter Casey, 9, officially has graduated from recreational soccer.

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Steamboat Living: Road Trip — Scuba Diving Denver

Downtown aquarium offers dose of Cozumel in Colorado

While the Mile High City might not seem like a scuba hot spot, no one bothered telling that to A1 Scuba. Pioneering a new trend in urban adventure, the company’s dive and snorkeling programs at the Denver Aquarium open up the world of Ariel to anyone willing to get wet with marine life.

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Locals 2012: Lil Gonzalez

When Lil Gonzalez, 68, moved to the Yampa Valley from Los Angeles with her husband, Ben, and three sons in 1974, she didn’t know that she’d leave her mark on far more than the apparel at the T-shirt store they came to manage.

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Locals 2012: Andy and Craig Kennedy

As program director for Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports, Craig Kennedy has made it his mission to help others better lead changed lives. Andy, who moved here in 1998, has altruistic callings, as well, serving as program director for the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council.

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Steamboat Living: From the Editor — Locals for Life

Taking a trip to the Steamboat Cemetery helped tell a tale of fixtures in Steamboat long before us, from the town-founding Crawfords to the Klines, Werners and Hitchens, who are honored today with the Hitchens brothers ski jumping nights on Howelsen Hill.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits — Local retraces 1869 rafting route of John Wesley Powell

If you can do it once, why not do it again? That’s the theory John “Captain Volume” Lathrum is adopting as he takes the summer to retrace one-armed John Wesley Powell’s 1869 descent of the Green and Colorado rivers from Green River, Wyo., through the Grand Canyon.

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Steamboat Living: Quick Hits — Whittle the Wood gets sculpted into Craig life

What would you do if you were a parks director and you noticed your park’s cottonwoods were dying of disease? If you’re Craig’s Dave Pike, you invite wood carvers to town and host a tree-carving contest.

Eugene Buchanan: Movement of Jah people

Bob Marley would be proud of Steamboat Springs, where every spring break sees an exodus, a movement of the people as locals abandon mud season for greener and warmer pastures. And this year more than most, it seems that movement was to Moab.

Eugene Buchanan: Beer league hockey memories

Well, it’s over. Another winter beer league hockey season has come and gone, and with it the hopes and aspirations of every team but the one that will get its name enshrined on the coveted Barn Cup trophy and get bragging rights for the year.

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Steamboat Living: The Season of the Snow Bike

Local trails see spokes as well as skis in low-snow winter

While a subpar early ski season had skiers spinning their wheels, mountain bikers used it to spin theirs, especially on the trails of Emerald Mountain.