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Monday Medical: The future of diabetes care

One of 500 practices in the nation to participate in the comprehensive primary care initiative through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Yampa Valley Medical Associates in Steamboat Springs has chosen to focus on diabetes.

Monday Medical: New surgical technique resolves hip pain

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bryan Bomberg said hip arthroscopy has emerged as the most effective way to treat a painful condition called femoroacetabular impingement

Monday Medical: Massage therapy is more than pampering

The very word “massage” conveys a feeling of relaxation, but this ancient healing art often transcends the pampering to focus on pain relief and other physical benefits.

Monday Medical: Ask a question, save a life

Think about saving a life. Maybe you envision kneeling over a person, using the vigorous chest compressions of CPR. Or perhaps you picture an emergency medical team urgently treating a patient.

Monday Medical: Think pink for women's health

It’s time to think pink. All across the country, bright pink ribbons are reminding us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Monday Medical: Hayden resident overcomes disease to walk 5K

Martha “Sam” Van Horn, clad in a Yampa Valley Medical Center pulmonary rehab T-shirt and pushing a cart-full of oxygen canisters, was pumping her fist in pride as she completed a Steamboat Springs 5-kilometer walk in June.

Monday Medical: Therapy can help incontinence

Starting a discussion can lead to important treatment

Bladder leakage, also called urinary incontinence, is a health issue that some people are too embarrassed to discuss. Yet by staying silent, many people simply live with the condition, unaware that there are treatment options.

Monday Medical: It's tick time in the Rockies — protect yourself

Watch out for ticks on yourself and your pets. Ticks can carry diseases including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and they're starting to show up in Routt County as the weather gets warmer.

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Monday Medical: Medical research, information available for free

Hospital offers books, journals and assistance

We all have heard many references to “Steamboat’s best-kept secret,” a phrase that has been used to describe various restaurants, retail businesses and services. While it’s always nice to discover delicious cuisine or a new shopping experience, I’d like to tell you about another secret that could truly enhance your life. For free.

Monday Medical: Taking colorectal cancer personally

Yampa Valley Medical Center’s focus on Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March brings a flood of memories and emotions to the McKelvie family. You see, we take this disease very personally.

Monday Medical: Free test can discover lung issues

Breathe in, breathe out. It’s something that a healthy person does about 12 to 18 times per minute each day. But most of us do not notice our breathing patterns unless we are exercising or suffering from a cold.

Monday Medical: Preventing infections a team effort

We’re all in it together. That’s the infection-prevention message that Yampa Valley Medical Center is sharing with employees, physicians, patients and visitors.

Monday Medical: Cardiac care continues to evolve

From prevention to treatment, cardiac care could be headed for an exciting decade. That’s the view of Steamboat Springs cardiologist William Baker, M.D., F.A.C.C. He sees a hopeful horizon in a medical specialty that is continually evolving, and he will share some of these developments in a program at Yampa Valley Medical Center on Tuesday evening.

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Monday Medical: 10 years and still growing

As the double-O decade draws to a close, Yampa Valley Medical Center is preparing to celebrate 10 years of providing vital and ever-growing medical services at the Central Park Drive campus. A special event is being planned to mark the anniversary along with a grand opening of expanded and remodeled facilities.

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Monday Medical: Why we care about Doc Willett

One of my favorite tasks as public relations director at Yampa Valley Medical Center is leading tours of our community hospital.

Monday Medical: Chronic illness requires special treatment

In Steamboat Springs, chronic conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Crohn's disease and Rheumatoid arthritis all are being treated at Yampa Valley Medical Center's Infusion/Chemotherapy Center, in the medical office building on the hospital campus.

Monday Medical: Women should take health to heart

One year ago, Hayden resident Julie Redmond opened the Steamboat Today and read about American Heart Month diagnostic screenings at Yampa Valley Medical Center.

Monday Medical: Stay on the sunny side to get enough vitamin D

If you experienced last winter in Steamboat Springs, you know there was no shortage of snow and gray skies.

Monday Medical: Images tell the story for emergency care

A young man injured in a car crash lies unconscious in Yampa Valley Medical Center's emergency department. A CAT scan has been done, and physicians are conferring about the patient's skull fracture.

Monday Medical: Sleep disorders can be harmful

Years ago, I asked our then 4-year-old son whether his little sister's loud crying the previous night had awoken him. "Not me, Mom," he replied. "I was wide asleep."

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Blood tests can reveal important health factors

If history is an accurate indicator, one phone at Yampa Valley Medical Center should start ringing off the hook today. This is the first day the hospital is taking appointments for "early-bird" blood draws that are part of the upcoming community health fair.

Monday Medical: Heparin safety crucial

Quaid twins' overdose raises concerns

When Dennis and Kimberly Quaid's newborn twins were given an accidental overdose of heparin in November 2007 at a Los Angeles hospital, the story sent a collective chill through families and hospitals across the country.

Monday Medical: Traveling with asthma

The biggest challenge some Olympic athletes may face in Beijing next month is not the other competitors but the high level of air pollution. Athletes who have asthma will be especially vulnerable to this hazy hazard.

Pulmonary rehab: a breath of fresh air

Most of us take breathing for granted.

Hold on to treating bladder leakage

Bladder leakage, also called urinary incontinence, is a health issue that some people are too embarrassed to discuss. Others simply live with the problem, wishing to avoid surgery and unaware that there are other treatment options.

Monday Medical: Hospital launches new Web site

Yampa Valley Medical Center redesigns site with users in mind

After almost nine months of labor, Yampa Valley Medical Center gave birth to a new Web site last week. You could call it a redesign because it replaced our previous site, but we like to think of it as brand-new.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month under way

Something old, someone new, something purchased, something pink. Okay, it doesn't rhyme, but it does sum up Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Yampa Valley Medical Center this October.

Manage asthma to breathe easier

What do you call a health threat that results in two million annual visits to hospital emergency departments and costs Americans $14 billion a year?

YVMC rejoices National Hospital Week

"Care you count on. People you trust" is the theme of National Hospital Week 2007, which is being celebrated this week by Yampa Valley Medical Center and nearly 6,000 other hospitals.

Diagnostic imaging: Not just X-rays

Your physician just ordered an MRI. A friend is scheduled for a CAT scan. Your mom is getting a nuclear medicine study. You are probably not alone if you do not know what these terms mean. They reflect just a few of the important developments since the "X-ray" was discovered in 1895.

Soup up your winter meals

Soup is the ultimate comfort food as winter closes in and the cold nights stretch ever onward. We usually think of comfort foods as fat-filled pleasures. But soup has the power to bring together comfort, satisfying taste and a healthy meal in one delicious bowl.

How to use OTC painkillers

When you open the medicine cabinet to seek pain relief, you have an array of options. Will you choose wisely?

Wash your hands, prevent illness

Monday Medical

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone wash their hands after using the toilet, nose blowing, sneezing, coughing or handling pets. Other key times to wash up are before eating or handling food, and when you come home from work, shopping or any activity.

Christine McKelvie: Preoperative care important

As the saying goes in medicine, there is no such thing as minor surgery. At Yampa Valley Medical Center the focus on a successful outcome begins as soon as a surgery is scheduled.

Preparing for pandemic flu

It is difficult to write about a potential future influenza outbreak without mentioning some scary statistics from the past.

Paying for healthcare

When it comes to paying for health care, a number of people in Northwest Colorado are caught between a rock and a hard place. They can't afford health insurance but they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Monday Medical: Staying 'Fit at 50 and beyond'

For more than six years, I have been editing all of the columns that appear on Mondays and writing quite a few of them. During that time, I have slipped further and further away from being a personal role model for healthy living.

New surgery option for back pain

Lower back pain due to degeneration of vertebral discs is a massive health problem in this country, affecting an estimated 12 million people. Last year, 200,000 Americans sought relief with spinal fusion surgery.

Procedure for achalasia done for the first time at YVMC

Dr. John Sharp, a gastroenterologist, performed a medical "first" at Yampa Valley Medical Center this summer. His patient, a 57-year-old man who lives in Craig, had suffered for years from a condition that affected his ability to swallow foods and liquids.

Event brings awareness to ailment

Golf tournament returns to Steamboat to raise funds

Once upon a time in Steamboat Springs 1986, to be exact a group of young people began to work and hang out together. As they grew older, they celebrated marriages, the births of children and other milestones.

Treatment pertinent for stroke victims

A Routt County woman we'll call Patricia was recently talking to a friend at work when the room seemed to darken. Suddenly Patricia found she couldn't speak the right words; everything that came out of her mouth was gibberish. She tried to slow down but still couldn't speak clearly.