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Flu vaccines just now available to residents

A Federal Drug Administration crackdown on pharmaceutical companies is part of the reason flu vaccines are only just now available to residents of Routt and Moffat counties.

Students get sobering view on DUI

Lance Pohlman would pay anything, he said, to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

Nurse shortage hits home

One local teen brings 'hope' to work force

On her first day as an intern in the emergency room at Yampa Valley Medical Center last week, Steamboat Springs High School senior Brienna Combs stood back and watched as nurses tried to revive a man who had gone into cardiac arrest.

Students survive 'Desert Week'

Over the four days, we climbed up to see the double Druid Arch, slipped through the half-mile-long slot canyon on Notch Trail and scrambled over rounded rocks in the Devil's Kitchen. In a world so dominated by imagery, where I mostly rely on vision, this place was tactile. The rock we moved over was dimpled or swirled like batter; in other places it was solid, others gritty, others flaky. We climbed up and down fixed metal ladders, hefted ourselves up ledges, hopped across small fissures, circumscribed amphitheaters, and teetered along tilted planes of rock. This was trail hiking, marked regularly by cairns, but it felt as though we were moving through a grown-up's playground.

Deadly drunk driver speaking at school

Lance Pohlman hopes no one he speaks to at Steamboat Springs High School on Friday will ever fully understand what he's been through. "I didn't go to college and get a communications degree," the 22-year-old from Craig said. "I killed someone. That was my schooling. I want to paint for you a picture of what it's like to be in my shoes, then and now. But the truth of it is that I don't want you to fully understand. Because you can't. It's too tough. There's not a whole lot of people who can handle this sort of thing without completely breaking down."

Respected Coloradan joins health team

The Steamboat Springs Health Care Association Board of Trustees announced Monday the selection of Karl Gills as its new chief executive officer.

United Way progressing toward goal

Because Routt County residents exceeded the United Way fund-raising campaign's $250,000 goal by $28,000 last year, some $13,000 has been donated through special needs grants, United Way Executive Director Millie Beall said.

Aspen resident stresses higher education while campaigning for CU seat

Solutions to resort areas' affordable housing, transportation and economic diversity problems may be rooted in a lack of higher education opportunities available to Western Slope residents. At least that's what one candidate for the University of Colorado's Board of Regents believes.

Child-care workshop calls on 'village'

Given the troubling prevalence of violence in the schools, the high standard of living in Steamboat Springs, the relatively low wages and the increasing likelihood that to raise a family, both parents will need to work, a handful of local child-care providers are doing all they can to ensure a higher standard of quality in day-care centers.

Travel agency aids cancer fight

Carlson Wagonlit Travel raised $2,082 in the fight against breast cancer by donating $5 of every airline ticket sold during the month of September.

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