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CD Reviews for Jan. 6

I had to have someone tell me what I was listening to. I never would have guessed that "Tiny Cities" was an entire album of Modest Mouse covers because it sounds nothing like the original. In this record, the Mouse's music is heard as if the Earth were rotating backward, as if time slowed and everything was filtered through the eyes of an acoustic guitar.

Girls' quick actions save life

Children knew address, how to dial 911

Nine-year-old Lena Barker was able to save her brother's life because she had two pieces of information: She knew how to dial 911 and she knew her address.

Trios, quartets push young musicians to improve

The Steamboat Springs Chamber Orchestra is making a push to ensure all available community resources go into creating the best possible learning experience for local music students.

Back to civilian life

After five tours of duty, man returns to Hayden

A torn bumper sticker on Alex Epp's Ford Taurus reads "Support Our Troops." In the past few years, the bumper sticker has become a familiar sight, but on Sunday afternoon, as Epp drove the car through the streets of Hayden, the sticker took on deeper significance.

Club gets pilots off ground

Aviators can access plane without having to buy one

When Bob Maddox learned to fly at Bob Adams Field in 1978, there were planes to rent and options for a young man who didn't own plane. But that was decades ago, and rising insurance costs have changed all that.

A year full of change

From a citywide smoking ban to a shift in the makeup of the City Council, 2005 was a year of change for Steamboat Springs and Routt County.

Planets big in 2006 sky

Keep a (filtered) eye on Mercury this year

Mercury will be the star of this year's celestial show. On Nov. 8, Mercury will pass between the earth and the sun. With a telescope and solar filter, astronomy lovers will be able to watch the planet pass across the face of the sun.

What kind of music is this?

Mike Relm better think fast. As he stands on stage playing the kind of music that belongs as much in an art gallery as in a club, people are going to start labeling.

Music to make you feel good

At tonight's 8traC show, you won't hear any songs about heartbreak. You won't hear any political songs about the state of the world.

Take a gamble on the Old West

Once again, the Emerald City Opera is giving people a place to act like outlaws for a night. The group began the Gambler's Ball tradition three years ago with a Roaring '20s Speakeasy theme. Attendees dressed like questionable figures from the Prohibition era. Last year, the theme was Las Vegas, and once again, women found an excuse to wear garter belts in public, and the men dressed like high rollers.

Top CDs of 2005

This album is textured enough to allow a lot of good finger and foot holds for any kind of music fan. Stereolab offers a mellow electronic lounge album that's more post-club comedown music than the kind of height-of-the-party music I'm used to hearing from them. Like the rest of the album, the track "Cosmic Country Noir" is the perfect song to play while driving, letting the beats roll past under the tires of your car.

Autumn Phillips: Can you see me?

I am an invisible (wo)man.I discovered this about myself Monday as a woman poured her heart out to me.

Book explores place, idea

If you've had a conversation with me in the past month, I've probably talked about "Whiteout" by Ted Conover. It's one of more engrossing books I've read in a long time, partly because the material is so close to my day-to-day life.

Bringing parents peace

Statue means closure after skiing accident

On Tuesday afternoon, the 30-foot sculpture still was shrouded in a white tarp. Linda and Ken Sawyer stood under the tarp looking at the piece of art they commissioned as a monument to their son.

New version of an old thing

In any other gallery in any other city in the United States, Mark Nelson shows his large-scale geometric, nonrepresentational work. But in one place, Steamboat Springs, he shows landscapes.

Autumn's Picks for Dec. 23

Tonight The Usual Suspects play live jazz When: 7 to 10 p.m. Where: Three Peaks Grill, 2165 Pine Grove Road Cost: Free Call: 879-3399 Why you should go: I recommend these guys almost every week. You better go.

Just three guys being loud and obnoxious

Rose Hill Drive plays rock 'n' roll.

Playing with no set list

A Bill Martin performance is like a dance. As you sit in the audience, he watches you. As you step back, he steps forward and if you step toward him, he matches the footwork.

New paths to explore

When visiting Jeremy Kittel's Web site, you have to scroll through a long list of honors and awards. At 21, Kittel has taken the musical world by storm. He gained international attention at 16 and has been playing professionally since. With such a long head start, no one can predict how far he will be able to take his music.

A Steamboat holiday tradition

"The Nutcracker" is a holiday tradition nationwide, and a visit from puppeteer Jim Gamble is fast becoming a local holiday tradition.

Steamboat churches prepare for Christmas rush

With thousands of tourists in town, friends and family visiting from all over the country and locals counting down the days to Christmas, churches are getting ready for the rush.

Autumn Phillips: Gifts until she's 10

Nine-month-old Maya Hayden Phillips won't remember this Christmas. She won't remember all the presents we bought her or the hours of conversation we've had about the fact that she can almost stand up by herself.

Familiar jam sound run through the ringer

The Georgia-based band, Moonshine Still, has a lively, dance-to-this sound reminiscent of a mix between late Phish and the Allman Brothers.

Hot Topic: What if you ran for office and won?

In 2005, four towns in the United States elected 18-year-olds into office.

Same theme, different ranch

The Steamboat Community Players had a look of defiance on their faces during Tuesday night's rehearsal.

Six seniors' perspectives

It's good to take a break from museum shows and large-gallery openings to visit an exhibit of work by high school students. There's a rawness of technique and an honesty that disappears after years of art school critiques.

CD reviews for Dec. 16

Martina McBride "Timeless" On sale at All That Jazz for $15.98

Celebrate Christmas Celtic style

It took a couple years, but Steamboat Springs is becoming an Irish dancing town. The monthly dances are catching on, and there are as many as 30 regulars who know the steps to any reel you throw at them.

Open to interpretation

One of Patricia Branstead's newest prints is a monochromatic study of abstracted plant life. A varied coloration in the ink creates movement in the piece as if wind were blowing through a clump of ferns or water were moving back and forth through a patch of seaweed.

Autumn Phillips: Cleveland rocks?

She was being so nice. I should have been suspicious. But I was young -- 20 or 21 years old. I hadn't learned that when a phone call begins with a shower of compliments, something horrible is about to happen.

Through the lens

School for local filmmakers this weekend

This weekend's three-day Steamboat Mountain Film Festival is a miniature film school. Today is dedicated to pre-production script writing. Saturday is full of workshops focused on filming, and Sunday is a day of postproduction work, including a complete class for first-time users of Final Cut Pro. The class is offered by one of the editing program's developers.

56 Hope Road still truckin'

When 56 Hope Road came through Steamboat last February, band members announced their plans to take over the world -- musically. They had just quit their jobs in Chicago, made 56 Hope Road T-shirts and moved into a 33-foot mobile home.

Bringing her harp back

If your Steamboat Springs memory stretches back to the early 1980s, you might remember Margot Krimmel. She played guitar, had long hair and performed regular gigs with musicians Randy Kelley and Mary Beth Norris, who still live here.

On his own this time around

Jamie McLean's new album is called "This Time Around."

Grant challenges nonprofit

Comunidad Integrada must match funds or lose them

Members of the Democratic Party of Routt County passed the hat during their Christmas party Saturday night to help Comunidad Integrada. The nonprofit organization -- formed in January to help immigrants adjust to life in Northwest Colorado -- was given a $5,000 grant by the El Pomar Foundation's Penrose Nonprofit Institute earlier this month with the stipulation that Comunidad Integrada match the funds by Jan. 15.

Jazz students win top honor

Two Steamboat Springs High School juniors have been given the highest honor in the state for jazz musicians their age. The recognition comes with an added piece of prestige, as they are the first students in the high school's history to be given seats in the Colorado All-State Jazz Band, according to SSHS band director Ken Crombie.

Expect the unexpected

Concert features traditional tunes in unusual arrangements

With members of the Steamboat Springs High School Jazz Ensemble being acknowledged by the rest of the state for their talent, it goes without saying their local community should show the same support.

Bridgestone Winter Driving School: Breaking bad driving habits for 23 years

Locals pass the Bridgestone Winter Driving School office in Ski Time Square, but they rarely go in. The few locals who use Winter Driving School often are sending their newly licensed teenage children to learn to navigate Steamboat Springs' icy roads.

Celebrate a cowboy Christmas

On a whim last year, members of the Iacovetto family decided to throw Steamboat Springs an old-fashioned Christmas party. It was their chance to give back to the community that had given them so much, Luanna Iacovetto said.

Club releases edition of local cookbook

On Thursday night, the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club held a book-release party for "Steamboat Entertains ... Again!" The book is the second installment of the popular cookbook first published 14 years ago. Sales from the first edition raised $250,000 for the Winter Sports Club, but sales were starting to wane, SSWSC volunteer Nancy Perricone said. "We thought a new cookbook would rejuvenate some interest."

The story is in the shadow

Randy Cooper's art is best described in four dimensions. His wire-mesh sculptures exist in three tangible dimensions, and then there is the fourth -- created by lighting. The fourth dimension is made of shadow, and in many cases, the shadow contains more detail than the object from which it stems.

Houstons say goodbye

Columbine Singers' leaders ready to move on

This weekend's Columbine Singers concert will be a tribute to the holidays as well as a goodbye to Brian and Christel Houston, the couple who have led the group for eight years.

On Scene for Dec. 9

On Saturday night, we braved the eighth day of snow and freezing cold to find out that The Southland Band had not done the same. At the top of the stairs leading to Levelz, we saw the announcement on the chalkboard -- "Show canceled due to weather."

Blues man returns to the stage

Todd Tijerina has an unassuming stage presence that lets you imagine that shy child who picked up the guitar when he was 9 years old as a way of connecting with the world.

No-boundaries hip-hop

Free Sol stepped onto the stage because he wanted to be the future of hip-hop. He wanted to move the genre forward with new rhymes and new ideas.

Autumn Phillips: Under the blanket

It was hard to tell where we were. The few lights we could see from Steamboat Springs were blending into the swirling snow.

CD reviews for Dec. 9

Eminem "Curtain Call" On Sale at All That Jazz for $15.98

'Violent faith'

Author explores religious fundamentalism, motivations

Jon Krakauer's books usually focus on outdoor adventures gone awry. In "Into Thin Air," he wrote about the growing number of inexperienced people attempting to climb Mount Everest. In "Into the Wild," the son of a well-off family abandoned everything for Alaska, where he died trying to survive in the wilderness.

Strange things in the mind's eye

Writer Joseph Campbell once said the role of the artist is the mythmaker, because the artist has the ability to communicate ideas that are larger than the literal.

Public art group ready to go

After months of thought and five meetings, the Public Art Steering Committee is ready to approach the Steamboat Springs City Council with a proposal. The group plans to be on the council agenda in early January with a plan for a seven-member Public Art Selection Committee that would be put in charge of allocating money set aside each year in the city budget for art.