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Autumn Phillips: Ghosts of South Routt haunt old buildings

Editor's note: This ghostly piece of prose by former Steamboat Pilot & Today staffer Autumn Phillips originally published in October 2002. Tom Ross' column will return to its regular schedule Tuesday.

Autumn Phillips: All downhill from here

Instead of celebrating the Summer Solstice, I found myself panicking. I saw summer slipping away, even though on the calendar, it was only the first day.

Autumn Phillips: This is it. (Or not.)

There it was. My favorite weather of all. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and it was snowing.

Plan on a planner

In the months before your wedding, the planner you hire will witness everything from family fights to last-minute jitters, making the choice of wedding planners one of the most important decisions you will make while putting together your special day.

Snapshots of the cowboy

Sculptor Rick Jackson spent most of his life working on ranches in Texas, and the American cowboy, as form and symbol, fills his art.

On Scene for Feb. 3

Gypsy punks perform I first read about the band Gogol Bordello in a New York Times feature article about how cool it is to be Russian in Manhattan these days. There was one line about a Ukrainian gypsy punk band, and it stuck with me forever. Ukrainian gypsy punk ... it sounded so, well, me.

The art of being alone

Joel Johnson paints more than landscapes. He paints moments.

Meet: Great American Taxi

Great American Taxi is such a new band, it hasn't released a CD, and you probably haven't heard of it.

Something different

Railroad Earth defies classification

Something about the way Railroad Earth wanders from one musical genre to another makes the band an easy target for comparison. Because the members cannot be quickly slipped into one category, it's easier to point out who they sound like, which changes with every song.

Society's anxiety

Amanda Adare explores drama, loneliness of human experience

When you look an Amanda Adare painting in the eyes, it's hard to look away.

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