Do you think pike should be removed from Stagecoach Reservoir?

Yes, they feed on the trout population 208 votes


No, I like to fish for pike 217 votes


I don’t care 63 votes


488 total votes


Fred Duckels 2 years, 10 months ago

What kind of question is this? Pike are here period!!!!!


justin mujwid 2 years, 10 months ago

People read the article!!! adkinson says that trout cannot reproduce in this reservior let alone all these trout you fish for are modified species by the dow "not native"
rainbow trout origin: asia brown and brook trout : germany there is no native trout in colorado except in a smal stream outside of colorado springs!!! in our modern day of gmo BS they will always have to stock these lakes and that people is called residual income .. we need reservoirs that have balanced ecosystems NOT 1 species reservoirs!!! they can have crappie, whitefish, tullibee, walleye, and trout!!! nature will balance itself out .. the dow needs to manage people more so !


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