What kind of trail project do you think has the highest potential of attracting more tourists to town?

Extending paved trails like the Yampa River Core Trail 124 votes


Downhill gravity trails 38 votes


Improving sidewalks and other connecting trails in town 126 votes


Building new multi-use trails in areas like Emerald Mountain 81 votes


369 total votes


Steve Lewis 3 years, 2 months ago

I hope the outcome of this process better resembles the promise of the original Trails Proposal. The proposal's 5 project areas:

Buffalo Pass Trail System,

Emerald Mountain Trail System,

Mad Creek Trail System,

Rabbit Ears Pass Trail System, and

Town Pathways and Amenities.

That is the list that inspired the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to hold it's World Summit here this summer. New and better trails taking us into our incredible summer forests are the investment that will draw and attach visitors to Steamboat. This $5 million should build new forest trails through Buffalo Pass, Rabbit Ears, and Mad Creek. Not new pavement downtown.


Eric Meyer 3 years, 2 months ago

It is much more likely that the recommendation of the 2A Trails Committee is closer to the original Trails Proposal than this poll currently shows. There are studies that show what has the highest potential to attract more tourists. If this poll was worded "What do locals want?" the results would resemble this poll and past community surveys. It is unfortunate that the majority of this council and some of the city staff chooses to ignore what this community wants. A quick review of the City's 6 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget shows that the city has no intentions to fund items like the Core Trail or other sidewalks & connections in the next 6 years. The 2A funds cannot be expected to pick up the whole cost of those improvements if it is going to be successful in attracting tourists. The 2A funds will not be picking up the whole cost of the backcountry trails either even if they have the best chance of attracting tourists . It takes multiple funding sources to get a project like this done. The 2A funds only cover about 25% of the estimated costs.


Steve Lewis 3 years, 2 months ago

Before the election, the Pilot online poll had 42% in favor of 2A. The actual vote was closer to 70% in favor. Not sure what these online polls amount to. Interesting though, how the poll's options have veered from the 5 trail project areas.

The 2A election guide and coverage for trails matched the ballot text, all saying the trails would be "in and around" Steamboat Springs. That's a lot of latitude. I hope they invest in those 5 project areas. It may even be a multi-year decision process for spending the trails $$ of 2A? In the same 2A election guide and coverage, I think Yampa St committed itself to buying the park property.


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