Do you agree with the city's recommendation to deny Golden Leaf's recreational marijuana license because one of the owners failed to disclose his criminal history?

Yes 104 votes


No 30 votes


134 total votes


Scruggs 3 years, 2 months ago

This is Joshua Scruggs commenting to the people questioning my moral character. To set the record straight, I have been approved on all levels other than steamboat to conduct business in this industry. In submitting my application to the city and and agreeing to yet more federal and state fingerprinting and background searches understanding they were going to know everything I have done, I failed to answer one question correct on one of 10 applications I am currently submitting to both city and state officials. I do not believe I should have everything I have built taken away from me on the sole basis of answering 1 wrong question that pertained to acts I committed a decade and a half ago that I never believed to be criminal since I never have had a felony. Now, if you so care to question my moral character at this point in time, I would hope you base it on recent past. I have paid every fee, jumped every hoop, supported all systems involved, created jobs, boosted tourism, supported local businesses, paid plenty of taxes, donated to police and fire departments, and assisted in many other areas I could be service to and never for a moment did I attempt to deceive or lie to our city officials. This recent incident has taken a toll on my integrity that I believe to be unjust and undeserving. We all make mistakes people. It isn't necessarily what we do that defines us as much as it is what we learn from the experience that makes us who we truly are. I have proven myself in the past and will continue to prove myself. I will not allow my integrity to be destroyed over something so petty.


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