What do you think about City Manager Deb Hinsvark’s decision to ask the Steamboat Springs City Council to take the Rita Valentine Park proposal off the table as an option for a place to build a new police station?

It’s about time. I couldn’t believe it still was an option after the feedback at the public meetings. 357 votes


I’m disappointed. It was a good option because the city would not have to buy the land. 73 votes


I’m confused. Why was it an option in the first place if the power lines might create technical problems? 95 votes


525 total votes


Bill Whittemore 3 years, 7 months ago

Deb Hinsvark, I thank you very much for asking our City Council to take the Rita Valentine Park proposal off the table. This park is a very popular area for many different activities for many people in all of Steamboat. Once again, thank you, I hope that the City Council will take this proposal off the table, for good.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 7 months ago

A data center has networking cables near a whole lot of power and yet they get it done. Meanwhile, overhead power lines are claimed to present a problem? Interference declines by a square of the distance so overhead lines so lines 50 away have 1/2,500th the interference of a line 1 foot away.

I think the power lines creating an issue was just a way to create a new reason to reject RVP so they didn't have to acknowledge they were wrong for ignoring all of the previous reasons against it.


Gaylan Hellyer 3 years, 7 months ago

Either include the station with the New Emerald Park access which is location neutral or even on the other side of town by the transit center. Both locations have good highway access, close to town and without residential conflict. A possible downsized sub-station downtown for those who insist on police presence along Lincoln and Yampa streets.

It seems that the project is in motion whether we like it or not, so might as well make the best decision possible and consider future physical and technological growth, since they've outgrown the current location on both counts.

Keeping it downtown limits future expansion.


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