Do you agree with the city of Steamboat Springs' sponsorship of the annual Business Plan Competition to the tune of $15,000?

Yes, it's a great investment in the local economy. 224 votes


No, it's unfair to use taxpayer money to support private businesses. 193 votes


I don't know enough about the program. 16 votes


433 total votes


Scott Wedel 3 years, 5 months ago

Half right and half wrong program. The support of a business center that helps people write business plans probably pays for itself. Paying $15K to a winning business plan is a bad idea. Good business plans should be able to get private funding.

For the best funding option for the best business plan to be $15,000 suggests there is a huge problem of connecting good businesses to good investors.

At last Thursday's tax lien auction, about $500,000 was spent by local investors in search of a 10% return. So a local business's winning plans needs $15K from the city because it couldn't attract 3% of local investor's capital?


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