What do you think of the ongoing efforts to revitalize downtown Steamboat?

I like what I’m seeing and hearing about 64 votes


I wish the community had more say 84 votes


I don’t think there is enough effort 23 votes


I don’t know much about it 29 votes


200 total votes


Scott Ford 3 years, 5 months ago

Revitalize implies that at one time downtown was more vital than it is today. How would one assess downtown’s past and present vitality? If City sales tax collections are used, downtown has recovered beyond pre-recession taxable sales levels. For 2013 downtown is on pace to have about $85.5 million in taxable sales. That is better than go-go days prior to the recession when taxable downtown sales peaked in 2008 at $81.9 million.

Are we comfortable with not defining what downtown vitality is and how it is going to be measured routinely and objectively? I’m not! I come from a world where fact really do matter. If the desired outcome of downtown revitalization is a poorly defined set of subjective feelings – that is a wee-bit too goofy for me.


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