How closely do you follow the ongoing U.S. combat operations in Afghanistan?

I seek out reports about the war daily. 25 votes


I listen to reports on the nightly news or read occasional updates in the newspaper. 72 votes


I don't follow the war as much as I used to. 35 votes


I don't follow it at all. 56 votes


188 total votes


Mike Isaac 4 years ago

It makes me sick that our young people have been used like pawns by Obama and his pal GW Bush and for what so our CIA can control the Opium trade there fore they can make 500 Billion a year in Heroin sales plus toss in the Trillions that the Defense Industry makes. Our government staged 9-11 because most Americans are either stupid or racist so the lie was easy to sell to most. They got to erode our freedoms with Bush's Patriot Act and Obama's NDAA and now we are hated around the world. The number of people on food stamps went from 10 Million to 20 Million under GW Bush and from 20 Million to 46 Million under Obama and gas was around $1.00 a gallon before 9-11 now its almost $4.00. Before 9-11 we did not torture that often. Today we have over 100 "Black Sites" in IRAQ where that is all they do. With DHS buying over 2 Billion rounds the next war will be here, Our Fascist leaders will go after the American people next. but hey it will be great for the DEFENSE INDUSTRY


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