Do you think the Columbian sharp-tailed grouse should be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act?

No, it’s already been denied twice. 85 votes


Yes, it needs protection. 71 votes


I’m not sure. 12 votes


168 total votes


Fred Duckels 4 years ago

The grouse is irrelevant here. They are indigenous to several states and this is a one stop symbol to be used as a political tool in order to wreak havoc with anything that the left deems undesirable. Near Toponas the county was refused a gravel permit on this account. That deposit is huge and a very important asset but not available, go figure! Our driling permits have to work around this chosen obstacle in order to pay pennance, and hopefully in the eyes of the perpetrators, go away. The grouse is a catch all for contrarians.


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