Do you support the city's proposal to demolish the Iron Horse Inn and build a new police station at that location?

Yes, getting rid of the Iron Horse is a great idea. 224 votes


No, I prefer the plan to build a public safety complex in west Steamboat. 308 votes


No, the fire and police stations should remain on Yampa Street. 176 votes


I like the idea, but it's too expensive. 55 votes


I haven't made up my mind. 47 votes


810 total votes


Pat Anthony 4 years, 7 months ago

I do not believe relocating on the only main thoroughfare through Steamboat is the answer nor being on the river, a desireable location Do whatever it takes to sell the iron horse! Relocate by the jail there by making a campus of city services. Wasn't that the original intent?


cindy constantine 4 years, 7 months ago

When will the Council realize it is not THEIR money to spend on such an expensive venture. The taxpayers MUST have a say in how OUR money is spent. Has anyone at the city even talked to CDOT who may not even allow such a development on US Hwy 40?????


Steve Lewis 4 years, 7 months ago

Cindy. To your point, I believe CDOT would be silent on the use at that location, but would dictate the manner of it's egress onto their highway. Normally this is a matter of acceleration/deceleration vehicle egress lanes. The proximity to the nearby intersection and/or the particulars of police egress needs may complicate that equation and expense. For instance going from the Iron Horse site onto westbound Hwy 40, in emergency mode, may dictate an easement to Pamela Lane.

Perhaps City staff has had that conversation with CDOT and can answer your question.


John Weibel 4 years, 7 months ago

If the monthly rentals are 100% occupied, then maybe it should become entirely long term rentals and eliminate the some overhead. The long term maintenance costs will always be there and maintain the value of the property, even if half of what was paid for the structure. The other article seems to point out that there is still a big need for affordable housing.

The debt that the city is saddled with, probably not legally entered into as simply changing the wording does not change the fact that it was debt that was not voted on by the people. Either find an investor to buy the iron horse or use any funds that are directed to YVHA to subsidize the property but at least consider the whole of what you are doing before razing the building.

Heck there are lots of empty buildings/lots on the west side of town that could be used for the police facility.


Alan Geye 4 years, 7 months ago

The questions, and many of the comments, do not seem to outline the priorities in an economic or functional sense. QT 1: what are the functional needs do the police and fire depts? QT 2: what is the highest and best use of the real estate we call Iron Horse?

I sure don't have the technical answers but the proposal on the table does not appear to meet what I call the economic smell test. It feels like a solution to a problem caused a few years ago by poor judgment by our political leaders who jumped to conclusions without thinking things through. Are we in fact following the same model of Ready, Fire, Aim? Feels like it. It's not like our treasury is flush with cash like our political leaders thought it was a few years ago, just the opposite. Respectfully,


John St Pierre 4 years, 7 months ago

What about the TIC site thay will be available shortly.... tie it in w the State Patrol and CDOT ... and create a more visually and functional complex.....


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