Who do you plan to vote for in the county Commissioner District 1 race?

Tim Corrigan 118 votes


Jim "Moose" Barrows 177 votes


I'm undecided 19 votes


314 total votes


Steve Lewis 4 years, 7 months ago

The recent Pilot casino poll showed 1600 votes. All the previous Pilot polls never went much more than 800 votes. The point being the Pilot polls can obviously be abused to reflect incorrect stances of this community.

Not a big deal when polling something that 3 or 7 elected officials will judge for themselves anyway.

But it is a very big deal when you screw around with our election of those officials in the same way. Polling on local candidates in a hackable poll is potentially unfair and damaging to either side of the poll.

Pilot, if you cannot run a scientifically sound poll, you are tampering with our election. Please stop.


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