What do you think about oil and gas exploration in Routt County?

Drill, baby, drill 318 votes


Keep it out of here 229 votes


Undecided 68 votes


615 total votes


kathy foos 5 years, 7 months ago

Looks like imported oil company votes.Hard to believe that many people living in the county actually want big oil to operate and endanger our county ,for what benefit was that exactly?Missed the benefit part,only scared off by the con's.Go ahead and vote that you want us to endure oil production liability's even though you don't live in the county yourself.We could use a new store to sell the oil mens wives their fur coats,Im sure that is who is helping vote this up.Have fun lady's.


Jason Miller 5 years, 7 months ago

This would be the worst thing to happen to Routt County.What happens to this country 15-30 years from now when we start seeing massive sink holes and earth quakes?All you have to do is look at Appalachia.Where whole mountains and surrounding towns are gone.The area is inhabitable.In PA the state is being destroyed.JUST SAY NO TO THE KOCH BROTHERS.


kathy foos 5 years, 7 months ago

You undecided....Not sure if yoiu like clean air and water?Your apathy towards this beautiful county we live in is killing it.


kathy foos 5 years, 7 months ago

Can any one that voted for this remark tell me why they voted for it? Im " just wondering?'
good for the county coffer? good for the workers? good for you? good for the ski industry? good for the wilderness area? good for the ground and surface water? good for public safety? good risk to the animals? there is no risk for earth quakes near mining activity. Are county residents ready to pay for roads to transport volitile product and stinking putrid processing plants?When oil companys decide not to sign and fence off danger like an oil facility site (even though its tax deductable) and children are hurt and killed in our area(my son in 2007 died in the Flattops wilderness area.I found out myself how horrid they are at safety and just how no one cares to protect the public from them.Another teen died with my son ,in another earlier incident Hayden youth losses a leg at a facility.These oil companys dont care about your kid's safety any more than my childs There is public record of deaths and injurys of teen residents of this county bat oil facilitys that are unsigned and fenced.The policy is still the same now as then.Untill the county commissioners can prove that there will be no more deaths and injurys at oil facilitys for public teens,thes oil site should not be allowed.It could and will be your teens next.The oil companys cannot be trusted(*duh) ,and you cannot trust the State Gas commission to make things safe(just ask the Rifle residents how well they protected the public there...The fracking should be called more like " raping."Im OK even with oil wells done properly.Fracking is not proven safe like oil wells Dont allow an experiment,Allow proven "light sweet crude "oil wells if you must,NO FRACKING EVER.Sign and fence off explosive product from raw form to trucking it out of here.You cannot gamble with fracking and ruining a already establish tourist area like ours.If it fouls everything including the ski areas(cancer causing water in the Yampa could make cancer causing snow produced for the base by the ski area?Point is ,how can you commissioners approve something that has the potential of wiping out other industrys(tourist).Tourists dont want to see oil wells,they come here to get away from them.


Scott Wedel 5 years, 7 months ago

Who at the paper picks these questions? Does the paper really think as the question suggests there are only two options of Drill Baby Drill or no drilling?

That there are no possible views in between the two extremes?

Oh well, it is the newspaper's credibility and reputation that they damage by asking such inept questions that imply no one at the newspaper is capable of nuanced opinions.


sedgemo 5 years, 7 months ago

Ditto, Scott, but I think the question is timely, it's just the provided responses that are problematic. These issues are so far from simple answers and the poll questions this paper publishes always seem to skew replies towards polarization.


Andrew Bisbee 5 years, 7 months ago


Watch this movie and decide for yourself. Research it and you will find that it is not scare tactics, but the ridiculous truth of the EPA looking the other way during the Bush / Cheney era. What a mess.


NancyK 5 years, 5 months ago

1.) I feel Steamboat is a National Monument. Can Steamboat be saved from Gas & Oil if the President also declares it a National Monument? 2.) If there are any Biologists living there, please beg them to find something, plant or animal that is extinct to save Steamboat from Gas & Oil. 3.) Maybe getting the science classes involved in searching for something that may be extinct will help save Steamboat from Gas & Oil. 4.) Just getting the science classes involved in a thinktank - brainstorming project to save Steamboat will give the children some power in saving their community, homes, families and animals from Gas & Oil. When I visited Steamboat the kids were reading "The Power of One" in school. It is a fantastic book, the whole town should read it! You can save Steamboat. Check out www.frackingcolorado.wordpress.com, search 'Fracking' online and on facebook. You have taught your children, let them lead the way for you! When I come back for a visit, I'd be sad to see a Gas & oil town ;-( Please have town meetings and get a moratorium until you have a long-term solution!


sledneck 5 years, 5 months ago

If it will get you lunatics out of here I will put one on my roof.


kathy foos 5 years, 5 months ago

You are not being very nice sledneck.She is not a lunatic. Nancy don't take him to heart,he does that to me too.Thankyou for caring about this community and there are many who would like to help.Here are a few things that are better in Colorado concerning gas and oil just in the last year and the last few months. 1.Colorado is one of the first in the nation to pass a law requiring signs and fences on oil tank and other sites,thats along with Ohio.There are many facilitys that need to conform,,but this leads the way for safety for the rest of the states.See the CSB safety video"No place to hang out"This may help stop the teen and young people deaths that are occuring. 2.The EPA has recently changed the Gas fracking rules to make it safer with better procedure and water air monitoring. 3.BLM has protected the sage grouse nesting areas and hopefully that helps out this county,because those little prairie chickens are all over in small numbers. 4.A judge in Denver ruled recently to protect the forest's from roads and destruction,surely this will keep the oil out of the forest. 5.Many farmers and ranchers are speaking up for the well water protections. 6.A meeting was held with gas fracking concerns and lots of people came,around 150 I believe. 7.Our county commissioners have delved into the matter and are at least cautious,which is more than many community's have had the advantage of.One even busted the company for doing a fracturing procedure when they had understood that it was only a well.Way to go girl!Ill bet that is a first. 8.Rifle residents just over the Flattops from us,filed a class action lawsuit of over 5,000 people for damages to air ,water, and property values. 9 A community leader even took the time to tell us how badly it might have turned out in that area just letting the oil companys do what they wanted. Thanks for your good advice,as someone very much concerned as you are,thanks for speaking up. Sledneck: (If I have to go to your house roof to go to the meeting ,I want a climbing rope tie off ,got one on hand?Since you said it ,I think you should organize it as you said you would do,put your roof where your mouth is,I really hope its flat.)I have been reading up and educating myself positivily as possible for the pro oil thing,are you going to compromise sledneck and meet us half way on top of your roof?


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