Do you support a ban of all medical marijuana dispensaries and related businesses in the city of Steamboat Springs?

Yes 416 votes


No 404 votes


I need more information 26 votes


846 total votes


mmjPatient22 5 years, 7 months ago

Quick question....what would the "related businesses" part of that question refer to?


John Fielding 5 years, 7 months ago

. First let me say that I am not a user nor a advocate of the use of mood altering drugs, but I recognize that many people have a legitimate need for them.There was a time in my life when I too had rather get happy the quick and easy way. I also think that if they are controlled by a prescription, simply making the case to need to feel better is adequate reason, it can get you Valium or Xanax. But alcohol and marijuana are too easy to produce at home for a prohibition to be effective, it only encourages highly profitable dangerous gang activity.

I do not support the ballot proposal to ban dispensaries. A form of legal marijuana apparently is here to stay. If it is not sold in dispensaries, it is still legally grown by the consumers singly or cooperatively. As a city or county, we cannot make it illegal to possess, consume, or produce it. If we force it into that more private role we lose any opportunity to regulate it and require it to mitigate the negative effects it has on the community.

I also recognize the destructive effect of recreational drug use on young people. I propose that dispensaries be given a significant funding requirement for programs that provide a constructive alternative for the youth who could be attracted to drug use.

Much research has shown that the most effective deterrent is to create a culture of competitiveness or striving for excellence that are naturally incompatible with drug use, and thus a peer pressure to not use. (After all it is the peer pressure that is the main reason for youth to begin use). A couple of examples for the funding are the Winter Sports Club and the Youth Orchestra, outstanding programs that are in need of fee reductions or scholarships to permit greater accessibility for young people from families with lesser financial means.

Drugs and alcohol will always be here, always have been.We need to make the alternatives more attractive and accessible.

To be completely fair let me say here that I propose the same thing for acohol. A majority of our police force activity is in response to alcohol based incidents. An assessment specific to the alcoholic beverage industry would be appropriate to fund DUI prevention, juvenile possession prevention,and an increase in officer staffing to provide more extensive assistance to the intoxicated visitors, (especially in the form of foot patrols in the Old Town entertainment district).

A little bit of good undercover detective work would apprehend many of those who purchase alcohol for minors and identify the habitual intoxicated drivers. The investment in those activities would save lives and prevent other tragic consequences. If we keep the distribution of marijuana out in plain sight it could be subject to the same scrutiny. .


RPG 5 years, 7 months ago

JF's reasoning contains a lot of common sense to me, yet I don't see how keeping the distribution of MJ open will lower the intoxication rate of drivers. I think making it easier to purchase will just increase it abuse. It's sad that anyone needs mind altering drugs of any kind, but that is an individuals decision that, unfortunately, many choose to make. As long as their choice doesn't effect someone else's safety. Almost every time I drive between Rabbit Ears and Kremmling someone puts our lives at risk by passing on double yellow lines. I can't help but think that they are under the influence of a mind altering drug of some kind.


kathy foos 5 years, 7 months ago

There are problems with abuse of everything and no one is arguing that fact,thank goodness for our law enforcement and they are much appreciated,they will enforce Colorado laws if someone isnt complying ..This question is about the dispensaries,not what you think of every mj situation ever.Will it be better for everyone in Steamboat area to travel to Denver to get it legally,Im sure it will cause hardships.We are all humans and not beyond getting along and toleration.The advertisers should be regulated and not cause trouble like they have in the past.Think of it,all dispensarys have cameras ,records with the state etc,but the media just bursts on scene and actually influence the public and know it, unregulated(and making money off of a regulated substance ,I think thats illegal))Why not puts some packs of LEXIPRO being manufactured on the front page to be equal,not just plants in stages of growth.How about letting us ask the next question,Do you think the news media is legally wrong in making money unregulated off medical marijuana?Peace out everyone and its so great to have a peace loving Hindu person in town,teaching about loving each other.Remember,we are only here to serve each other.


steamboatsconscience 5 years, 6 months ago

RPG I would say the mind altering drug you speak of is stupidity. there's a lot of that going around.


steamboatsconscience 5 years, 6 months ago

John As a CC candidate do you feel it was wrong of Council to put this on the ballot without having them go out and get the signatures like any other group has to do?. Do you think they were bullied into doing it by law enforcement? TIA.


ANN ROSS 5 years, 6 months ago

Yes, it makes the police look good. This issue is banning. Prohibition does not solve the problem .They have enough to do checking on black market selling. Get it in the open where misuse can be addessed. Their time will be best spent going to the schools again and again for early education. Teenage and some adult minds need help to know the result of stupid behavior with cars,drugs,guns,sex and.....


John Fielding 5 years, 6 months ago

. I do think the Council passed this one off to the voters pretty quickly. I would have thought it appropriate having it brought to the ballot by the interested parties.

It is reasonable to have decided to not spend a great deal of time at it as it is so contentious. The glamorizing of the product in Pilot ads and stories, and the tasteless radio ads did serious damage. The level of outrage by the offended was so high that Council could foresee a potential great waste of time by staying involved. But that same outrage, combined with Councils failure to appease it could have fueled the petition effort.

Ironically, I believe if the measure had come to the ballot by petition it would have had its support increased by that process.


kathy foos 5 years, 6 months ago

They should stop that advertising that is offensive to both patients and parents,banning the product is not a fair way of dealing with an advertiser who offends the public, it does not address the real problem.It could happen again if the mj goes legal this election.The media needs to stop advertising publicly for this industry because it influences the kids along with everyone else.The ban is an idea to stop the mj,but it is the advertisers in my opinion that have pushed this so far into everyone personal lives that this is what has happened.The media is not even reprimanded and what will they do next for a dollar?Some one says that the radio ads are still on.Will the patients have to be eliminated to stop the media?Thats wrong.They go privately to the dispensarys and the media allows the kids to hear what the products sold are.When the patient gets to the location they can shop.They dont want to have it broadcast .That is occuring because of the media ,they make the money,unregulated,.Weird.


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