Should the city allow residents to keep goats in their backyards?

Yes 134 votes


No 190 votes


324 total votes


Michelle Hale 5 years, 8 months ago

I think one thing that is being over looked here. Due to the challenge of many people today, to have a goat or chickens is about having a resource for food. Not everyone has allot of money, and this is a simple way to help "working people". With the down grade of the USA credit rating, I hope that there is an effort to pull together, and remember this simple word. Community!. I will add this. The average meal that ends up on your table travels 1,500 miles. Think about that for a moment. There are some very big WHAT IFs? Let people find away in keeping care of themselves and family. If that means to have a goat, some chickens, along with a garden, so be it. There could be a time that we may find ourselves trading for such things.


Angie Robinson 5 years, 8 months ago

YVB, I invite you over to my house, to see my big beautiful garden and my 4 chickens that live in my beautfully manicured back yard. You can have both those items without looking like rural Russia. It does take time and effort to keep things clean, but it can be done.

And your comment about "two to tango" for eggs. Maybe i'm reading it wrong, but hens lay eggs without roosters. News Flash.

You should know a little about what you write.


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