Would you consider voting for a city property tax next year?

Yes 60 votes


No 180 votes


Only for emergency and fire services 53 votes


293 total votes


John Fielding 6 years, 6 months ago

It is worth noting that some services provided by the city benefit locals who live outside city limits. Park and recreation facilities are one good example, but the most obvious is road and bridge maintenance.

County residents from Stagecoach to Milner find virtually all their services and employment within city limits. Residents of Dakota Ridge and Treehaus would have to go far to get to town without city maintained roads and bridges, and those from Strawberry Park cannot get to the rest of the world at all without using city streets.

Sales taxes are an effective way of assuring that all users help support the infrastructure. If a property tax on city residents is enacted it must be dedicated to only those expenses that are not heavily used by those from outside the tax base area. Salaries of many city staff, from police to planning and financial personnel are a good example, and could truly benefit by their funding coming from a stable source.

The proposed fire protection district property tax is a good example of a way to fairly assess shares of the cost of service to those served.


elphaba 6 years, 6 months ago

The City had a chance to turn Fire and EMS over to the Steamboat Springs Rural Fire Protection District several years ago. The District has a mill levy and at the time it would have be possible to include the City and fund Fire very economically, much is as done in other communities. It was Ken Brenner who brutally axed the idea and insisted that the City retain control. Now - guess what? It would have been a great idea and the City would have all the sales tax revenue they use for Fire funding for other things. Another example of the financial disaster that Brenner on Council was.


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