If you received a mail-in ballot today, would you vote for Kenny Reisman or Ken Solomon for Steamboat Springs City Council in District 2?

Kenny Reisman 223 votes


Ken Solomon 248 votes


471 total votes


maggie 7 years, 6 months ago

Good luck to Kenney. Did not appreciate Ken's arrongance in todays article. His attitude is exactly what this community DOES NOT NEED in leadership with todays issues. Don't like that Ken says he is "solo" yet most of his signs have been put out with Kevin Bennett's and Jim Englekten's. Say no to block voting!-it is not good for picking fair, independent leaders. I really liked your comments and presentation at the forum - refreshing and right on!


Bill Wallace 7 years, 6 months ago

Let's take luck out of the electoral process. My vote goes to Ken Solomon. I had the opportunity to work with Ken starting 6 years ago when both of us were involved with the Concerned Citizens group working to prevent Lafarge from placing an industrial strength gravel pit in Steamboat's "signature" Yampa River valley. Even though having a gravel pit close to town might have benefited his building business, Ken's commitment to Steamboat and its values trumped possible personal gain. But, more importantly, his understanding of the people and the politics, and his insights on how things worked in the City and the County were invaluable in keeping that industrial eyesore off the map.

As I understand it, Kenny Reisman really passionate, and it's certainly nice to be passionate about stuff. But having passion about the stuff of a Steamboat City Council that you admittedly don't understand, and lack the judgment that comes from experience with City and County issues is downright scary.


Josh Kagan 7 years, 6 months ago

I will tell you what is scary. Some one run running for political office of Steamboat Springs that does not want to "put out the welcome mat" for those coming to our town. Per the article on Ken Solomon on Sunday, this is exactly his view. To begin with, in with a sales tax based economy, to not welcome everyone that wants to come would be remiss. In addition in order to become more economically diverse and not so dependent on tourism dollars we need to welcome location neutral small business people. It appears that "Solo" is another example of someone who has been welcomed to town, taken advantage of the opportunities available and now wants to shut the door on everyone else who deserves the same chance. We need new people and new opportunities in this town to remain a viable community. We need someone like Kenny Reisman, who has years of experience contributing to our community as a teacher, coach and business person, with an open mind that will creatively seek to help keep Steamboat Springs be that viable community. We do not need someone like Ken Solomon who because of his "experience" already has their mind made up on how they will vote on issues.


Bill Wallace 7 years, 6 months ago

So Josh, you and Kenny want to "put out the welcome mat" for all comers, regardless of the City's ability to assimilate them in terms of water, sanitation, roads, traffic, electricity, schools, etc. Ever been to Houston? That's what the issue of carrying capacity is all about. In the relatively few years that I've been a resident of Steamboat Springs, I've witnessed a succession of City Councils, most of which had never met a development they didn't like. In my view, Ken Solomon would be a breath of fresh air in a Council that doesn't seem to have a good grasp on the future of Steamboat Springs, its goals for quality of life, and what to do about achieving them.

As for your stated reasons for supporting Reisman, I see a substantial disconnect between his experience and the fundamental requirements for the office he's running for. Frankly, it's beyond me how his resume demonstrates a penchant for openness and creativity. Is he a maverick too?


seeuski 7 years, 6 months ago

This town needs someone with a stake in the future. Kenny Reisman raising a family and showing a need for fiscal responsibility along with his acknowledgment of the freedom of movement among the American population is why this community should embrace his new leadership. Steamboat should never close it's doors to good folks wanting in on what we have here and all those old timers who made those videos saying, "we welcomed you didn't we" should be memorialized always with the same warmth they showed to Ken Solomon and the rest of us. Planning for the future is the right thing to do not closing the doors and having the future sneak up and bite us.


ElevenFootPole 7 years, 6 months ago

Without a gravel pit, cost of construction goes up. Custom home builders fees are based on a percentage of cost of construction. When cost of construction goes up, Ken's fee goes up right along with it. Stopping growth increases prices in a community, which increases construction costs which increase fees for builders like Ken.


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