Are pedestrian safety improvements needed on U.S. Highway 40?

Correct: Yes 138 votes


Correct: No 64 votes


202 total votes


untamedShrewd 7 years, 11 months ago

It's unimaginable for all the parties involved: the family who lost a loved one and the driver who's at fault. But we can all just take a little more time to be aware of our surroundings before proceeding from a stop or yield sign. Just today I saw a driver stopped at 3rd Street to turn right onto Lincoln: the driver never once looked right, only looked left for his opportunity to turn right onto Lincoln. Meanwhile, a pedestrian was just crossing in the crosswalk from the bank towards the post office, when the driver turned onto Lincoln, barely missing the pedestrian. This could have been another tragic accident. And with the nice weather, we have more pedestrians and bicyclists that we, as drivers, need to be aware of. Please, take a minute and look both ways repeatedly before proceeding. It only takes a second for a situation to turn tragic.


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