Will widening the vehicle lanes and narrowing the shoulders by one foot make Routt County Road 36 safer for all users?

Yes 106 votes


No 273 votes


379 total votes


nxoby36 8 years, 10 months ago

Every auto has to be licensed and the owner pays a tax to maintain the roads, every operator of an auto has to pass an exam to obtain a driver license . It is about time to license and tax the bicycle and require the riders to pass an exam to obtain a license complete with a point system where by the right to operate a bicycle upon our road system could be revoked ( not very many of the riders in this county seem to know nor obey the rules of the road and it is about time given the amount of bicycles there are that they be treated in an equal manner that all other users of the road are ) . Once this is done the police , sheriff and state patrol officers will be able to enforce the law by issuing tickets to the riders who endanger themselves and all others operating vehicles upon our road system . Only after this is done should bicycle riders have any say in how the roads are marked and maintained . I am tired of trying to avoid being involved in an accident the stupid antics that the bicycle riders in our community do on a daily basis . They seem intent upon causing accidents by running stop signs , traffic lights and the failing to comply with the basic rules of the road . Until they are licensed , taxed and held accountable for their sloppy and unsafe presence upon our road system maybe they ( bicycles and their riders ) need to be relegated to a closed bike path system where they will only be a hazard to other riders and their child like actions .


Stuart Handloff 8 years, 10 months ago

Hmmmm. Someone, anonymous, seems to think that a license and registration automatically make for a good driver. I have both bike and automobile as do nearly every other bike rider. So I have paid my dues so to speak. I agree the laws are for everyone and I think a small license fee for bikes that would go toward maintaining and improving bicycle facilities is a reasonable idea. But I think we all know who make the majority of poor decisions and who cause most of the hazards on the roadways - and it's not bicyclists.


Russell Orms 8 years, 10 months ago

I am both biker and driver and each share responsibility to be safe and obey traffic laws. We have all seen bikers riding 2-3 abreast, failing to stop at stop signs, advancing to the right of stopped cars at a light (and then making a left turn) etc. We have all also seen drivers who go way too fast, don't pay attention, talk on cell phone, don't stop or roll stop at stop signs etc. I don't think we can legislate responsibility so the best we can hope for is education and law enforcement. By the way my personal pet peeve is bicycles on 129. There is no shoulder at all and riding on that road is dangerous and irresponsible. I have seen many times a rider, cement truck, and an RV pulling a boat meet on a short corner. That is dangerous to everyone and I place blame on the biker. While they have the same rights as drivers, I think choosing to ride on that type of road is irresponsible and dangerous. Steamboat has done a terrible job of creating bike paths and road shoulders designated as bike paths. The Core Trail is very nice but wholly inadequate for our size of city. We should look to other cities around Colorado and Utah (google St. George, Ut bike paths) to see examples of cities that are truly bike friendly.


Fred Duckels 8 years, 10 months ago

you bulllies need to understand that the recreationists will always be the victim,


rsssco 8 years, 9 months ago

Ya know Fred, you'd find it's a lot easier to catch flies with honey than the putrid vinegar that drools from your mouth every time you open it.


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