Should the proposed Steamboat 700 annexation be put to a vote?

Yes 190 votes


No 141 votes


331 total votes


justathought 8 years, 11 months ago

Why does Stmbt even have a council? Why not let the town manager attend to the everyday mundane things and put EVERYTHING else to a vote of the people. Every time something controversial comes up, someone thinks the only way to solve it is to take it to a vote. Do you know the cost of an election? If you have a hard stand on an issue, rally like minded supporters and attend meetings, get petitions signed and present them to the council, get your voices heard; if that's too much work, the issue wasn't as important to you as you thought and the tax payers shouldn't have to pay for a few lazy dissenters to vote on it. If you find the majority is on your side and the council goes against it, get rid of the council, otherwise, input at meetings will help the council do the job they were elected to do. Remember, we all won't be happy with the outcome but that's democracy.


steamboatsprings 8 years, 11 months ago

A complex issue indeed. It presents the possibility of more affordable housing deed restricted and the best kind which is attainable market rate housing but at the same time has the potential to hamstring us transportation wise on the west side of town. Don't have any illusions that Danny M and the 700 team don't plan to annex entitle and then flip the property. This is a very tough issue for sure. The one thing that would make sure we have little market rate affordable units which would provide the true American dream of homeownership is letting Steamboat 700 annex alone. They could then restrict supply to keep prices higher than otherwise possible.

I wouldn't have thought of it myself but I have to applaud council's strategy to gather all annexation proposals at once then weigh each and I would assume each possible combination of the applicants to create reasonable supply and make sure at least one option will be ready soon. If they did not we would get to wait again once Steamboat 700 flips each piece and the buyers figure out and then get their own plans plans approved.

It will be interesting to watch but I like what I see so far.


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