Do you support immigration reform giving immigrants here illegally a pathway to citizenship through probation and fines?

Yes 87 votes


No 310 votes


397 total votes


whyquestion 9 years, 12 months ago

are these illegal immigrants COWARDS afraid to fight for change in their country ????? the USA became a great country because its CITIZENS are willing to fight for change!!!!!! MAYBE the USA needs to make MEXICO a protectorate country like we have with other countries.???? afterall MEXICO hasn't been able to stop their drug lords from invading the USA, nor its citizens from invading !!!!!!!and WASHINGTON now has the policy of PREMPTION for the USA protection !!!!!! IT IS ABOUT TIME THE USA TAKES THE TOTAL OFFENSIVE!!!! no more the woosey stuff!!!!!!


twostroketerror 9 years, 11 months ago

The higher housing and rent goes, the more 'illegals' we'll get. I don't know any 'powder hounds' willing to bust suds for $8 an hour, but my mexican dishwasher dose, and he shows up every day, on time. He never calls in 'sick' on a powder day, and if he is sick, he sends in one of the other 6 people he lives with. He (most likely) bought his green card and SSN# of the street in denver for $500, and although he'll never get dime one, the SSA, FICA, and the state of colorado seem more than happy to take 30% of his check. As the rich get richer in our Aspen of the north, we'll need even more 'illegals' to staff our restaurants, houskeeping, landscaping, rampant over building, and the 100's of other jobs that Hippy McShred cant or wont do. As the price of 'affordable' housing pushes 250K, the idea of a sustainable local workforce is simply a sad joke that no-one is willing to let go. Get rid of the 'illegals', and watch our city, state, and country hang up 'closed' signs. Fight for change? Maybe we could politley ask that multi-millionare to not build his 9,000 sq ft 4th home. After all, subversive guerilla action would be wrong, and 'illegal'. Just ask the Founding Fathers.


whyquestion 9 years, 11 months ago

twostroketerror- i don't like to pay for my meals at an eating establishment so i guess i will ignore that law!!!!!! if you can ignore the law why can't I???????in past history the USA has had protectorate countries, especially when the were unable to govern themselves which MEXICO has shown it can't stop drug lords or it citizens from envading the USA!!!!!also the USA has territories which it protects currently!!!!!so why not do somthing about MEXICO??????


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