If approved by the city, will you shop at the Dollar Tree store in Central Park Plaza?

Yes 237 votes


No 301 votes


538 total votes


sportzmama 9 years, 8 months ago

I would as it's hard enough to make it in this town!!!!! I shop at the dollar store in the Front Range almost every time I go back down.

It is interesting though how a Dollar Tree store could be approved, but we can't get a Sonic here??? (I'm jones-in for Sonic)


krcraig 9 years, 8 months ago

I would like to see small and locally owned stores throughout Steamboat and to keep the small town feel of our town. Chain stores are just unattractive and take away from the charm of living here.

That said, if the store were here already, would I visit it now and then? probably yes. It would help my budget. Once there it would be hard not to fall to the temptation of saving a buck. As an experience though, shopping there will not add to my quality of life, as compared with the personable experience of interacting with business owners and supporting small business.

People concerned with how hard it is for the local middle class to survive in Steamboat should not be trying to help with a "$1 store". That does not help the financially struggling local in a significant manner at all and as a side effect brings ugly-ness and a loss of identity to our town.

What we need is housing for the middle class, those of us who don't qualify for "affordable" housing, yet can't afford to buy a house for our families.

If we had housing that was reasonably priced, local families would have some money left in our budgets so as to support our local businesses, instead of having to run out of town to Silverthorn or Denver to get lower prices, as part of the constant struggle to make ends meet.

A $1 shop in Steamboat might save me a few dollars, but I'd rather not have it here in my town.

The difference it would make in my budget would be so small, it would not be worth it. Let's spend our time and energy in mitigating the real problem, attainable housing.

Keep big impersonal business out of our lives.


kkcmsw 9 years, 8 months ago

I have never shopped at a Dollar Tree, but I would if one were to come here. I do not see the problem with a Dollar Store in the area that it is planning to go in to. That area is full of chain businesses already. It does not compete with anything in town except Wal-Mart as far as I can tell. I have spoken with many people who seem to have the same opinion as me, that this Wal-Mart is terrible and does not meet the needs of the people that live here. While I would rather see a Target or something similar come in town I welcome something new that may have more low price items and better service. Variety is great and there is not much of that here. From what I have seen and experienced in the local businesses here, competition is lacking. I would like to see local businesses have to step up their service, quality of goods, cleanliness and have competive prices. I have lived in small towns my entire life and have had the opportunity to shop wonderful downtowns and chain stores in the same town and they both do well. This town is so caught up in an image that doesn't really exist. It is possible for it to have the small downtown overpriced business and the large chain stores and still be appealing, and meet the needs of the tourist and the person who lives and works here. I'm suprised at how disfunctional this town is and how it continues to let bad decisions be made. (I also agree with the last comment about the housing issue, however a town full of people overly concerned with making money and image, it is difficult to see anybody addressing the housing issue.)


dundalk 9 years, 8 months ago

Anyone ever heard of the fine french boutique more commonly known as "Pic n' Save"?


Bozo 9 years, 8 months ago

I would shop at Dollar Tree. I'm a bargain hunter and I shop at discount stores and thrift stores. My husband and I both have decent jobs, but we are plagued like the rest of the "working class" here in Steamboat. My job pays well because I have a boss who cares. My husband works for a management group in one of the many maintenance sections. They rotate people faster than I change my socks. I don't know why they pay skilled workers less than an entry level fast food worker. Steamboat wants hoards of tourists to come here and enjoy our wonderful city, but the working class can't afford to live here. Most of us are forced to skimp and save wherever we can. Where would our tourist industry be without the people who do the work?


wz4eva 9 years, 8 months ago

Dollar Tree stores are tacky and would do nothing but drain a little more charm from our town.


bubba 9 years, 8 months ago

I agree, they will really detract from the charm of the Wal Mart they're next to.


elphaba 9 years, 8 months ago

Here's a great comment we heard recently from a Ft. Collins resident "We like shopping at Family Dollar because we done't have to dress up like we do when we go to Wal Mart"

Good Grief!!!


jeannie berger 9 years, 8 months ago

I have never been to a dollar tree store in Colorado. I went on line to see what all of the hubbub is about. Sounds to me like it is the equivalent to the dime stores that were in every small town in the America of the 50's and 60's. Some things might be useful, others will be cheaply made. http://www.owenbrowndollartree.com/ So folks dress up to go to wally world, could have fooled me.


itsathought 9 years, 8 months ago

The Dollar Tree is one of the nicer discount stores. They are well kept and offer name brand items for one dollar. It would certainly help the middle class residents stretch their dollar a lot farther. I am not a resident of Steamboat but have been there 6 times this year to visit family. I have a 6 figure income and still shop Dollar Tree. I know my family members who are considered the middle class, would benefit greatly by having the opportunity to shop at Dollar Tree. It could mean having enough to buy that gallon of milk the day before payday. Believe it or not and whether you understand or not, there are people who don't have enough left over at the end of a pay cycle to buy needed staples. You need the middle working class in Steamboat to keep it running. Help them out.


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