Should area towns help fund a regional sports complex in Hayden?

Yes 180 votes


No 114 votes


294 total votes


pauldoughty 10 years ago

I am only a recent resident of Steamboat - since February - and I am extremely impressed with the down home atmosphere which is not too different than my hometown in Oklahoma. I think this atmosphere is something that really makes Steamboat what it is - not the Aspens and Vails - that attract the internation crowds! What better way to perpetuate the quality of life but with the game of baseball - mom and apple pie and not be promoted into a world that does not fit Steamboat!!! The nation's oldest passtime is something that needs to be perserved in our youth, not kicked out of our community for an uncertain void of unknown replacements!!


dpbruni 10 years ago

Steamboat businesses currently derive $14.5 million in sales and the City of Steamboat gets over $850,000 in sales taxes from Triple Crown participants every summer. This could grow to $18.3 million in sales in Steamboat and $1.1 million in sales taxes as validated by the Yampa Valley EDC's consultant's report. There simply is no comparable replacement for these visitors. It'd be a huge mistake to turn our back on the biggest summertime contributor to our local businesses and economy. With the initiative being considered Steamboat derives the largest economic and fiscal benefit --- and the facility is located in Hayden. Furthermore, the facility in Hayden would free up from 3 to 7 baseball / softball fields in Steamboat, Oak Creek and Hayden for use by the local community. Lastly, with an incremental lodging tax increase [+1%?] the visitors would be paying for this asset that the region will own and derive the benefit from.


dona32949 10 years ago

All of Routt County benefits from having family visitors in the summer season as well as during the ski season. Over time, Hayden begins to develop it own revenue base along with a chance for existing business owners to grow.


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