Do you agree with the newspaper's decision to publish e-mails sent by John DeVincentis in 2004-05?

Yes 485 votes


No 198 votes


683 total votes


wissbecklarry 10 years ago

The reporting the Pilot & Today has done on the School Board demonstrates the value of press freedom. The press is supposed to check the excesses of government. And those who would govern by secret meetings and secret emails are in severe need of checking. (This will probably irritate a lot of people who think we have freedom of the press in order to find out if Britney Spears wears panties.) And lest the SP&T should dislocate a shoulder trying to pat itself on the back...Where were you two or three years ago when the current situation had just begun to fester?


reallocal 10 years ago

I can only hope they did not have access to this information two years ago or we could have saved ourselves the cost of a recall election...


Lazy_H 10 years ago

The publication of the Emails simply confirmed in black and white what so many of us had already witnessed in the distorted motivations of his personality.

A recall is absolutely worth the money!


Matthew Stoddard 10 years ago

I've voted 5 times now. How many times did you guys vote?


kingsride 10 years ago

Once, what is the purpose to skewering the results. I actually prefer to know accurate results, but have fun playing your games.


rabbit 10 years ago

The paper clearly did the right thing in publishing the emails. The real question is, what other and more recent emails did he send that we have not seen? Amazing, I am sure!


Matthew Stoddard 10 years ago

Kingsride- it's to show that it can be done and I know for a fact I'm not the only one. I'm just the only one who'll admit it.


jerry carlton 10 years ago

kielbasa-- How do you know that more than your first vote was counted? I am sure that if you are some kind of hacker wizard you can defeat virtually any system, but happily cheats like yourself are a very small minority. Are you voting yes or no?


linus 10 years ago

You're doing great Matt! I didn't vote in the last poll so that would have been five for Dr. D. Almost everyone I know thinks the Pilot was wrong to print the e-mails but they never read this stuff and they never vote.


autumnwitch 10 years ago

I try to have integrity, I only voted once!


another_local 10 years ago

"Almost everyone I know thinks the Pilot was wrong to print the e-mails but they never read this stuff and they never vote"

I remember thinking that Reagan could never be elected since I did not know a single person that was going to vote for him. He won by the largest margin in history.


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