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Dog's Eye View: Close encounters of the worst kind

This time of year with snow on the ground and sidewalks and trails narrowing to single file, the encounters between dogs and humans take on a new and frightening aspect.

Dog's Eye View: Life is good — update on Max

We love this little guy. He is a permanent part of our lives, and we are cruising along with minimal difficulties. I’ll share what I mean by minimal.

Dog's Eye View: Buddy, I need a sick day!

If I can only say one thing, it is “Train that puppy and keep that training in place for the foreseeable future.”

A Dog's Eye View: New Year's resolutions

A series of New Year's resolutions from the dog's point of view.

A Dog's Eye View: What’s in your wallet?

The dog gear industry is booming, even in these difficult economic times. I’ve made a list of a few gift ideas for the family dog, or the family who has a dog.

Dog’s Eye View: Activities to keep your dog busy

Winter is beginning in our valley. For some us who aren’t conditioned for winter sports, it leaves us wishing for more activities to fill our time and keep from experiencing the winter doldrums. After a life enriched with outside activities and basking in the sun all summer long, our dogs can start feeling bored, too.

Dog’s Eye View: Stop jumping on me!

You’ve tried turning away only to have him jump up and scratch your back or pounce on you while biting at your clothes or your hands, but have you been proactive by not giving attention to the jumping? Remember, attention still is attention, even if it’s negative.

A Dog’s Eye View: Inside voice please

Excessive barking is right at the top of the list of dog owner or dog neighbor complaints. It can cause great upheaval between neighbors or family members, and even law enforcement might become involved. Usually, when this happens, everyone has reached the limit of tolerance.

Dog’s Eye View: What's in a name?

In the initial teaching of the dog’s name (name recognition), owners should begin by offering a treat and praise each time the puppy turns to look in the direction of the person who said the sound of his name.

Dog’s Eye View: A tribute to good dog owners

Responsible pet owners, you are on my hero list. Let’s continue to set an example for dogs in public places and spread the word that dog waste has no place on the trail, in the parks or on the school grounds where our children play.

A Dog's Eye View: It's hotter than you think

With summer here and days heating up, remember to keep your dogs safe while traveling in your car. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it 100 times already. But important information is worth repeating.

A Dog's Eye View: The terrible teens

How do we define the teenage years in canine terms? It varies from dog to dog and breed to breed and, along with that, the size of the dog.

A Dog's Eye View: 'Faster than a speeding bullet'

Because dog training is an ability to be developed with time and practice, the fundamentals of training serve to become our guidelines. One of the most important skills is timing.

A Dog's Eye View: What you don't know can hurt you

Not all herding dogs love to herd, nor do all sporting dogs love to hunt. Their characteristics can vary from animal to animal.

A Dog's Eye View: Protecting fearful, reactive dogs

I wonder if, as a community, we might adopt a habit of having our reactive or fearful dogs wear a red bandana tied around their necks to signal to others that our dogs should not be approached.


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