Fred Auch: Thanks for response |

Fred Auch: Thanks for response

— On behalf of the owners and guests of the Edgemont Condominiums where the chimney fire occurred Friday, I'd like to express our appreciation to the members of the Steamboat Springs Fire and Police departments and the Routt County Sheriff's Office that responded to the alarm.

They evacuated the occupants of the condominium quickly, courteously and efficiently scaled the 100-foot-high, snow-covered roof to extinguish the fire. Deputy Chief Chuck Cerasoli, Captain Travis Wilkinson and police Sergeant Jeff Wilson all demonstrated great professionalism in managing the event, maintaining excellent communication with building managers and making sure the managers understood what the firefighters had observed to try to determine the cause of the fire. Fire Marshal Doug Shaffer showed great skill in working with engineers and staff that evening and the next day in investigating the cause of the fire.

The BREO Management Company, specifically Tom Miller-Freutel and his wife, Roxanne, Jim Rabbitt, Alex Smith, Zac Cole, Craig Malchow, Sarah Boerger and Peo Ytu, with Strongarm Security, ensured that evacuated guests were comfortably looked after in the Bear Claw condominium lobby, then diligently found alternate lodging for all guests after Edgemont was determined to be uninhabitable for the evening. All the while, they demonstrated grace and patience with many cranky and tired children and a few cranky adults. Guest, Fred Beckham, provided assistance to another guest suffering a minor attack.

It is always reassuring, and it probably shouldn't come as a surprise, to see the members of a community come together to help others in need and to see the professionalism and genuine concern Steamboat Springs' public safety professionals bring to their job.

Fred Auch

President, Edgemont Homeowners Association

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