Christine Manzanares: We want government-run health care |

Christine Manzanares: We want government-run health care

This is response to David Ihde's March 31 letter to the editor.

When are conservatives like you, David, going to understand if we, as a country, cannot enact legislation that could put controls on the insurance and pharmaceutical industry so that we — the U.S. — stop spending more than most countries on healthcare, even though many people are uninsured and our health statistics are no better than countries that spend considerably less than us, then we do want government-run health care.

Actually there are a lot of us that want single-payer, Medicare for all, or that horrible term “socialized medicine." Call it what you want, but it is really the only solution.

In my research about Colorado Care, it is estimated that since 2007 the number of physicians has increased by 200 percent while the number of health care administrators has increased by 3,300 percent. The money is no longer going to the doctors, it’s going to the insurance companies and their countless employees. Many of them hired just to find ways to deny claims, not to mention the millions given to the CEOs.

When doing my do diligence when ACA was first being discussed, I found one of the major reasons that our legislators are hesitant is because our stocks and mutual funds will take a considerable hit as health care stocks that continually grow in value every year, would be eliminated.

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It is disheartening that some people think it’s OK to make money on on the backs of people's health or death. I think the estimate was it would take 10 (plus or minus) years for the market to recover. I’d rather loose a few dollars in my investments then to keep the unfair, unregulated, (oops a bad word to you conservative Republicans) broken system we have now, and I am not talking about the ACA, I am talking about our for profit health care system.

When studying health care reform I came upon an interesting article, "An Introduction to the Healthcare Crisis in America: How Did We Get Here?: Everyone should read this and here is the link:

Democrats wanted to try to enact legislation to reform healthcare for all Americans, and the gloom and doom Republicans actually “charged that national insurance was part of a larger socialist scheme.”

My last statement is we have tried it your way since the '40s. It does not work, unless you like reaping profits on the backs of Americans and making health care unaffordable for many. It is time for a change, and by the way, David, I hope Colorado, or maybe the entire USA, gets government-run healthcare. Then where will you go?

As far as doctors leaving, there are plenty in favor of single payer, and if we can get to that place here in America, where would the doctors go?

By the way, the “government”-paid $60,000 toilets and $25,000 hammers went into the pockets of Halliburton and the other private contractors hired by the Reagan and the Bush administrations' cronies, and that is entirely different subject, privatization that ends up costing us more, not less.

Christine Manzanares


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