Gleta Gae Magnuson

Gleta Gae Magnuson was born Feb. 9, 1938, in Loveland, the only child of David and Ava Magnuson. The family moved to Elkhead when Gleta was 13. 
She graduated from Hayden Union High School in 1957. Her family moved to the George Simonton Ranch on Breeze Basin in 1960, where Gleta resided until her death.
Through the 1970s and 1980s, she devoted her life to caring for her mother, who was wheelchair-bound. Her mother died in February 1990. After her mother’s death, Gleta kept up the house for her father and herself until her father died in 1992.
God called her home June 8, 2010.
She is survived by a loving community of friends who understood and loved her.