William 'Billy' Cody Mack

William "Billy" Cody Mack died Feb. 1, 2009, in Hayden. He was 74.
He was born June 4, 1934, in Bingham Canyon, Utah, to Alfred J. Mack and Edith M. (Thompson) Mack. Below are memories, as shared by his granddaughter:
My grandfather's life is the substance that great movies are written after. It was dramatic, heroic, sad, resilient and a great love story. He molded and created his story in the 74 years that he was here.
My grandfather owned the roller rink in Steamboat Springs to give families and kids a place to enjoy themselves. He was a Gideon who worked hard to pass out Bibles and spread the word of God to schools, hotels and people on the street. He changed our small valley as a politician who fought for change. As an avid outdoorsman my grandfather was either fishing, hunting, farming or just gazing at the stars in the night sky. Like a potter sculpting a pot, my grandfather would sculpt the road into a smooth seamless ride. He loved to smoke good cigars. And once, led by the Holy Spirit, he drove halfway across the country to deliver a sermon in this very church. His love for Christ could be seen in every area of his life. As a painter he put to canvas the images that he had seen while fishing or working. Places that he had seen in his life, or images that he had only dreamed about. He was a husband, dad, brother, son, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend.
There are many things here on Earth that will remind us of him:
A perfectly paved road that is seamless and smooth,
A Johnny Cash song,
The sweet smell of a cigar,
The sun setting over the soft waves of the ocean,
Freshly cut hay,
A good fishing spot,
A warm dip in the waters of Lake Powell,
A worn Bible.
Even though his life was like a great movie, in the end he did not leave on a chariot of fire like Elijah, smoking a cigar on a freshly paved highway, or sitting next to the ocean watching the waves beat on the shore. He didn't leave while baling hay, flying a plane or moving rocks in a front-end loader. He did leave six children, 15 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. He went to heaven quietly with his wife and daughter on Feb. 1, 2009 : and all of heaven rejoiced.