Carrol Barbiero Oliver

Carrol B. Oliver

Carrol B. Oliver, beloved grandma, mother and aunt, was not a woman to take lightly. Born March 25, 1934, in Mount Harris, she was a fierce and compassionate soul whose independent spirit rivaled any pioneer of legend.
She knit a fabric of rich lives and memories from the threads of poverty with her strength of character and pluck. She was a woman of strength and sass.
Carrol could cook like an angel and scold like a sergeant. She was creative and complex; a woman of great intelligence and depth and yet practical and pragmatic. She was a gardener, seamstress, chef, writer, teacher, caretaker and, most important, a mother and grandmother.
She knew life was not easy, but she was a formidable opponent and nothing, not even death, could tangle with her. She did not linger, diminish or fade. And so, she is still here with all of us; honored and loved by her four beautiful sons, Bill, Scott, Marc and Sam, their wives, and her 10 "darling" grandchildren, as well as two sisters, nieces, cousins and neighbors.
Our last conversations were about politics and our dreams and what tomorrow held. You died Jan. 22, 2008, while living in Arvada, and although we wish there were more tomorrows to be held with you, dear Carrol, we will go into tomorrow with the lessons you gave us and the love that will never be gone from us. We know you are with your beloved husband, Bill, who preceded you in death. And now we will see you in the sunsets, the stars, the mountains, the coves and the wind. We love you!
A memorial service is at 5 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 27, 2008, at The Depot at Five Parks, 13810 W. 85th Drive in Arvada. Friends and relatives are invited.