Douglas Keith Bell

Steamboat Springs resident Douglas Keith Bell died Oct. 16, 2007. He was 51.
Everything in nature has a balance. Every story has a beginning and an ending. Sometimes people seem so concerned with the ending, that it's hard to see the most important part was the journey.
With a glimmer of mastery in his eye and a quirky grin, any question would be answered thoughtfully. Doug was a man that showed his love for the world through his desire for knowledge and his years of hard work. Through a life of hardship and love, ambition and determination broke through every obstacle - remember his words, "Mastery is the ability to accomplish as much as possible with the least amount of effort." Doug mastered a collection of skills.
There are so many memories of long talks about important things and life lessons. Doug drove his ambitions and dreams through the light of other people. Teaching the technicalities of a procedure, and fueling creative outlets and people's passions. A true inventor and artist of his own reality. A man that everyone loved. To have achieved these things made him very proud.
Douglas Keith Bell was an amazing father, husband, brother, son, co-worker, uncle, friend and leader. He was born on July 17, 1956, in Cortez. He grew up in Dove Creek. From his father Davis, he learned to Bellize, which means making something work with what you've got instead of what you need. "When in despair, work on in despair," is what he learned from his mother Barbara. He had two sisters, Linda and Glenda, and his brother, Dave. They grew to be a tightly knit family throughout the years.
He spent the past 17 years in Steamboat Springs with his wife and children. Doug was the manager out at Twin Landfill in Milner for the past 17 years. He built a strong foundation, and a trust with all of the people who worked beside him. His knowledge was so detailed; he knew how to teach his employees to the fullest capacity of understanding. He loved his job, working with the machinery and planning out the land. There was a cup of coffee near at hand. And still he always made sure to rescue the beautiful junk that needed not to be tossed out.
Doug was married to Leslie for 19 years. She always knew that Doug was the love of her life, since the young and tender age of 17. Together they had a vision to build their dream house on the side of a mountain. Not only did they achieve this goal, but they collected many memories within. They built a family with children Matthew and Amber and a broad variety of pets. They built their house with the help of many loving friends and family. (Eighth-grade, siphon gas for generator, propane toilet, sledding parties and bonfires.) It took a lot of work, and life's relentless ups and downs, but it became a home filled with love.
Douglas K. Bell was a builder of dreams. Nothing made him happier than helping other people get things done. Whether it was encouraging Leslie's painting, pushing and supporting his children's music, or helping friends build their dreams, he was always there.
He had a great sense of humor. Sometimes short and always sharp and always straight from the heart. Once you got him laughing, there was no mistaking that glimmer behind his eyes, and that so contagious chuckle, just keepin' it rollin'.
He really loved his music. It was his greatest source of relaxation, and he loved to share his collection of vinyl records.
He was preceded in death by his father, Davis Bell.
Doug is survived by his wife, Leslie; children Amber and Matthew Violand; mother Barbara Amon; brother David Bell; sisters, Linda Scott and Glenda Bell.