Zac Hale: A blow to disc golf |

Zac Hale: A blow to disc golf

It saddens me to think about Colorado Mountain College closing the only disc golf course in Steamboat Springs because of high fire danger. Colorado Mountain College should want to educate people and disc golfers about the fire dangers instead of closing yet another recreational sport in Steamboat this summer. Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country, and now, a resort town that has frowned upon disc golf courses in the past delivers another blow to the hundreds of residents involved in Steamboat's disc golf community.  

Frisbees do not start fires. The voice of disc golfers in town will be heard in the coming weeks and months, that's a guarantee. Public support is needed and encouraged for those of us being stripped of our livelihood. Driving a car, not a disc, could be the reason for a future wildfire. So should we close U.S. Highway 40?

Zac Hale

Steamboat Springs

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