Young horsewomen compete in speed events at Routt County Fair in Hayden |

Young horsewomen compete in speed events at Routt County Fair in Hayden

Jewel Vreeman reins her horse

— The action picked up in the riding arena at the Routt County Fair on Monday night with the senior girls pushing their horses into full gallop in the barrel racing, senior flag racing and pole bending events as well as competing in the ride and lead, bareback dollar race and musical mounting events.

Aleigh Aurin riding Belle, Jewel Vreeman on Poker, Zava Zupan on Bacon and Teagann Yeager on Whinney all took turns winning individual events. The accumulative high-point winner among all the events won't be determined until after the fair when point totals are tabulated.

Among the winners in intermediate and beginner classes were: intermediates Cosette McLaughlin, Kayla Wille, Kacie Babcock and Hallie Myhre; and beginners Molly Allsberry, Amber Elliott, Anna Allsberry and Caroline McLaughlin.

Senior barrels

  1. Aleigh Aurin, 15.81
  2. Jewel Vreeman, 15.83
  3. Zava Zupan, 16.49
  4. Taylore Schalnus, 16.86
  5. Shannon Ragan, 17.23
  6. Teagann Yeager, 17.3
  7. Lacey Lewis, 17.79

Senior flags

  1. Zava Zupan, 11.32
  2. Shannon Ragan, 12.33
  3. Teagann Yeager, 12.87
  4. Taylore Schalnus, 13.81
  5. Aleigh Aurin, 14.45
  6. Jewel Vreeman, 15.3
  7. Lacey Lewis, 33.34

Senior poles

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  1. Jewel Vreeman, 22.93
  2. Zava Zupan, 23.68
  3. Shannon Ragan, 24.95
  4. Taylore Schalnus, 25.21
  5. Lacey Lewis, 26.8
  6. Aleigh Aurin, 28.94
  7. Teagann Yeager, 39.46

Senior musical mounting

  1. Teagann Yeager
  2. Aleigh Aurin
  3. Lacey Lewis
  4. Zava Zupan
  5. Jewel Vreeman
  6. Taylor Elliott
  7. Olivia Gorr
  8. Taylore Schalnus

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Routt County Fair schedule

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