Winter running series kicks off with gorgeous day |

Winter running series kicks off with gorgeous day

Luke Graham

Runners round the track at Steamboat Springs Middle School during the Steamboat Sneak fun run Saturday.

— It starts with Ski Town USA. And anyone who has been to Steamboat Springs knows what type of biking community it has.

But sometimes the scope of Steamboat’s running community is lost in the outdoor paradise vernacular.

That love of running was on full display Saturday during the third annual Steamboat Sneak with a full spectrum of runners at Strawberry Park Elementary School.

As part of a joint fundraiser for the Soda Creek and Strawberry Park elementary schools, more than 300 runners showed up for the 5-kilometer and fun runs, which are part of the Steamboat Springs Running Series winter schedule.

One glance at the starting line showed the diversity of runners that encompasses Steamboat.

At the start was the Steamboat Springs High School cross-country team. After a tough week of training, the team uses the Sneak as a fun workout, evident by the wide array of costumes on display.

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There also were Running Series regulars and newbies, many of whom were running with children as young as 3.

"It's a lot more fun to be with people you recognize, the families and stuff," said Colton Lewer, a Steamboat high school senior and the top boy on the cross-country team. "It's a lot more relaxed, and it's a lot more fun."

The 5-kilometer competitors did a lap around the track at Strawberry Park before ascending on their run. The fun run sent children one lap around the track.

Last year, there were 320 people who competed in falling snow. Some 338 runners showed up Saturday on a day cut from Yampa Valley fall heaven.

"It's great for the school," said Race Director Cristina Magill. "Everyone wants to come out for an event like this with friends and family."

High school cross-country coach Greg Long was the first finisher in the 5-kilometer race. Lewer was second, and Charlie Tisch was third.

Fellow cross-country runner Meg O'Connell was the first women's finisher.

"We have fun with it," Long said. "We had a really hard training week. We did a two-mile time trial Thursday, so today was coming out to have fun."

Magill didn't know how much money was raised, but judging by the participation, it again was a significant amount.

"It was from 3-year-olds to I don't know who is the oldest," she said. "You have runners who do the Running Series to kids that have never done a race."

The next Winter Running Series event is the Oct. 6 Hahn's Peak Wildflower Loop.



Greg Long 0:18:48

Colton Lewer 0:19:14

Charlie Tisch 0:19:15

David Novak 0:19:18

Tanner Morrison 0:20:02

Ben Lingle 0:20:14

Jeremy Macgray 0:20:59

Ken Rogers 0:21:10

Sam Scully 0:21:54

Zach Sperry 0:22:08

Erik Rudolph 0:22:30

Brian Elliott 0:22:48

Tom Nelson 0:23:16

Tatum Burger 0:23:17

Matthew Kempers 0:24:36

Cooper Puckett 0:24:37

Wally Magill 0:24:38

Cade Gedeon 0:24:49

Harmond Cohen 0:25:55

Ryan Mcnamara 0:26:06

Daniel Kempers 0:26:11

Andrew Kempers 0:27:10

Scott Kempers 0:27:11

Kyle Kagan 0:27:43

Cole Gedeon 0:28:01

Chas Feldmann 0:28:03

Logan Spiegel 0:28:45

Kyle Nilsson 0:28:45

Eric Nilsson 0:28:49

Ian Abeyta 0:28:56

Ryyan Amsden 0:29:04

Luke Olson 0:29:26

Ryan Thompson 0:29:36

Jaydon Fryer 0:29:58

Alan Duty 0:29:59

Dimitri Grewal 0:30:08

Walter Magill 0:30:12

Henry Magill 0:30:20

Brodie Pearson 0:30:22

Brent Pearson 0:30:22

Nico Richeda 0:30:27

Spencer Richeda 0:30:46

David Gedeon 0:30:59

Matt Richeda 0:30:59

Cooper Jones 0:31:03

Andy Henderson 0:31:58

Rick Henderson 0:31:59

Leo Davies 0:32:11

Owen Petersen 0:32:17

Connor Chapman 0:32:19

Ron Davies 0:32:19

Joseph Scoppa 0:32:33

Charlie Welch 0:33:16

Gabriel Moody 0:33:17

Josh Welch 0:33:17

Kodiak Kretzschmar 0:34:03

Allen Belshaw 0:34:07

Indi Kretzschmar 0:34:08

Alex Spiegel 0:34:38

Aiden Wade 0:34:42

George Redfern 0:34:43

Jackson Metzler 0:35:36

Nick Metzler 0:35:36

Taylor Fielding 0:35:42

Zion Idzahl 0:36:06

Marty Boyd 0:36:07

Derrick Adrian 0:37:06

Gage Adrian 0:37:07

Alex Colby 0:38:02

Ethan Hoy 0:38:38

Tomas Niedermeier 0:38:41

Jack Becker 0:38:41

Lucas Reymore 0:38:41

Scott Reymore 0:38:41

Matt Mayer 0:39:06

Gibby Kenny 0:39:08

Max Kenny 0:39:15

Frank Becker 0:39:40

Jaxson Fryer 0:40:34

Darrin Fryer 0:40:35

Drew Picking 0:40:56

Nico Paoli 0:40:57

Frank Becker 0:41:02

Mac Redfern 0:42:33

Neill Redfern 0:42:34

Jeff Olson 0:43:09

Lyle Henninger 0:43:13

Tommy Henninger 0:43:13

Greyson Garner 0:44:23

Reece Hoy 0:45:03

Jim Hoy 0:45:05

Sean Portman 0:45:23

Bennett Jones 0:46:39

Dylan Kuntz 0:46:51

Degan Kuntz 0:47:00

Ben Wilcox 0:48:15

Kelly Seibel 0:51:07

Andy Picking 0:52:13

Otis Van De Carr 0:54:58


Kathleen O'connell 0:21:12

Meg O'connell 0:21:25

Harrison Smith 0:21:27

Lena Barker 0:22:33

Kelly Borgerding 0:23:12

Gabsy Anderson 0:23:12

Taylor Olson 0:23:36

Meredith Macfarlane 0:23:41

Elissa Chapman 0:23:41

Darby Dale-Burger 0:23:56

Lindsey Adler 0:23:59

Karin Kagan 0:24:23

Carissa Anderson 0:24:35

Wendy Puckett 0:24:39

Mikaela Mathews 0:24:43

Baily Pugh 0:25:08

Heidi Mueller 0:25:51

Emma Meyer 0:26:37

Rebecca Williams 0:27:06

Riley Hodges 0:27:07

Michele Meyer 0:27:11

Sarah Meyer 0:27:12

Meg Boyer 0:27:19

Alexa Paoli 0:27:21

Shelbee Weiss 0:28:02

Michelle Wyant 0:28:35

Katie Brodie 0:28:39

Abbey Habermehl 0:28:39

Ashley Spiegel 0:29:07

Meghan Alexander 0:29:27

Joanna Webster 0:29:28

Lauren Ehrlich 0:29:36

Tracy Stoddard 0:29:43

Nichole Mueller 0:30:09

Genra Trousdell 0:31:06

Annika Belshaw 0:34:07

Cathy Belshaw 0:34:07

Sue Nealy 0:34:22

Michele Miller 0:34:42

Veronica Ramos 0:34:43

Sharon Spiegel 0:34:43

Heather Park 0:35:06

Genevieve Moody 0:35:11

Annie Hager 0:35:12

Kristin Hager 0:35:25

Ellery Hodges 0:35:36

Neve Wade 0:35:40

Lauren Mueller 0:35:40

Isabella Macgray 0:35:43

Adalia George 0:35:50

Avery Duty 0:35:52

Leigh Papierski 0:35:59

Krista Drobek 0:36:01

Wendy Wade 0:36:03

Leila Duty 0:36:03

Tara Gedeon 0:36:04

Marissa Drobek 0:36:08

Reina Bomberski 0:37:07

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Ella Chapman 0:38:44

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Kelly Becker 0:39:40

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Jenn Paoli 0:40:58

Maureen Bomberski 0:41:08

Ella Walker 0:41:16

Amy Ibarra 0:41:16

Katelyn Ibarra 0:41:22

Audrey Becker 0:41:42

Brynn Becker 0:41:42

Parker Seibel 0:42:02

Ryley Seibel 0:42:05

Sage Lottes 0:42:31

Susan Lottes 0:42:31

Margaret Redfern 0:42:35

Avery Olson 0:43:08

Amy Olson 0:43:08

Izzy Picking 0:43:11

Lynn Picking 0:43:11

Jennifer Henninger 0:43:13

Olivia Fox 0:43:39

Kim Fox 0:43:39

Stella Davies 0:43:49

Sue Davies 0:43:49

Avalon Thunstrom 0:43:50

Ella Stroock 0:43:58

Adrienne Stroock 0:43:58

Talia Fix 0:43:59

Barb Fix 0:44:00

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