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Willow Post: Noting locals’ kindness

I am proud to call Steamboat Springs home and incredibly grateful for the people who make up this amazing town. Not often enough are they applauded for their caring spirit and service to others.

Today (Jan. 10), our legendary Champagne powder fell in abundance — great for skiing but awful driving conditions. Having grown up in Steamboat, I would like to consider myself a decent winter driver, but today caught me off guard.

This morning, I was driving past Wildhorse when I completely lost sight of the road and high-centered on the snow bank. Backing out was futile. I was stuck with no shovel, no gloves and no snow pants (I should know better!), and after several attempts to reach family and friends, I was in a fix.

Within minutes of sitting there, three people stopped to ask if I was all right. A man pulling his girlfriend out of the ditch ahead of me came over, and without my even asking, a total stranger took time out of his day to assist me. When his pull strap broke, he drove home to retrieve another one. He demonstrated unbelievable kindness despite needing to get to work. And for this I am truly appreciative and grateful. Unfortunately, his truck didn't have the power to extract me from my predicament.

Within an hour, a friend came out with a shovel, a Wyndham employee stopped plowing and came to help, and a third man pulled up with a chain and heavy-duty truck. With the help of those three, I successfully was freed from my snowy trap. Only after my ordeal did I realize that one of the men was a family friend, and as we shook hands, he left with a "Say hi to your mom for me."

As I drove away, I knew I wanted to write this to not only thank everyone who helped me, but to acknowledge the entire community. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and now more than ever do I realize how lucky I am.

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Recently, it seems as though crime is increasing and our small town is growing impersonal. However, as I watched countless others in my earlier situation being helped by community members, I was struck with a newfound appreciation for the paradise we are lucky enough to call home and the indefatigable people who make up Steamboat.

From one local to another, thank you!

Willow Post

Steamboat Springs

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