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Wendy Moreau: Upset with paper

Wendy Moreau

— Last week I submitted a letter to the editor that was subsequently edited without first contacting me to clear up an obvious error on my part. The result was a ridiculous misstatement of my original intent. I then submitted another letter asking this be remedied. I also posed four questions. I will list them.

■ Why, after the 2.8 earthquake on March 30, and the subsequent and ongoing shutdown of the Twentymile Mine, was it not reported? Was it censorship? Pandering? Laziness? (An article did appear on April 27.)

■ Why was the Oak Creek Town Board meeting that occurred on April 21 not mentioned in the Pilot & Today until April 24, and the only issue reported was medical marijuana when there were other issues discussed as well?

■ Why was the 3.1 earthquake that occurred at 3:33 a.m. April 10 in the Oak Creek Canyon not reported? Surely that's newsworthy.

■ Why were none of the four power outages in April, a couple of which encompassed all of South Routt, including Stagecoach, and all of which lasted over three hours, not reported? Sure, this a rural area and, for the most part, we take things like that in stride, but an explanation would have been appreciated.

Editor Brent Boyer called in response to my letter. He stated that he knew nothing about the nearly month long mine shutdown, and that it was not censorship, pandering nor laziness. He said the only reason he knew about the 2.8 earthquake was because someone in the public called it in. He indicated that if people don't call him there is no way for him to know about these things. He apologized about my letter and admitted someone should have contacted me for clarification. He would print a retraction.

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Being the pushover that I often am, I thanked him and (I shudder to admit) told him he didn't have to print my second letter if he did, indeed, print a retraction. There was no retraction. It was corrected and tucked away, but no retraction. In retrospect, I think my points were well founded and Boyer's defense was shocking in view of his position of leadership with the only area newspaper. I always thought reporters worked to dig up news. I didn't realize important news items had to be phoned in by the public in order to be printed.

Wendy Moreau


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