Vail businessman to testify on reform |

Vail businessman to testify on reform

A Vail business owner has been invited to speak on immigration reform in Washington D.C. Dale Bugby, owner of Vail Resort Rentals, a condo management and guest rental services company that has operated in Vail since the early 1980s, said he knows the reality of hiring foreign workers.

"We have seen the labor force change significantly in the past 30 years," Bugby said. "I haven't had an Anglo applicant for housekeeping in over a decade and I don't expect any to show up soon. It is hard, un-glamorous work, and similar to other service sector jobs, the average American worker doesn't want to apply."

The immigration debate has heated up as President Barack Obama follows through on his promise to fix the broken worker visa system and find a pathway to citizenship for millions of Hispanic workers who have come to this country illegally during the past decades.


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