US government unveils latest version of fracking rules |

US government unveils latest version of fracking rules

Bruce Finley/The Denver Post

— The government unveiled its latest version of hotly fought rules for fracking on federal land — 440 million acres nationwide, 20 million in Colorado — trying to protect mountains, forests and prairies from the downside of drilling.

The Obama administration’s priority “is to continue to expand safe and responsible domestic energy production,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said in a conference call Thursday afternoon. “We want to ensure the industry has clarity on the rules that are going to apply on all public lands. (These rules) will ensure that the environment is protected.”

Presented in a 171-page document, the rules require companies to:

• Disclose chemicals they inject by using an online database that Colorado and 10 other states adopted, with an exception for chemicals deemed to be trade secrets.

• Verify that wells are drilled properly so that toxic fluids do not contaminate groundwater.

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