Trenia, Russ & Tucker Sanford: Teacher week |

Trenia, Russ & Tucker Sanford: Teacher week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, May 3 to 7, we would like to say thanks for all the wonderful teachers our son Tucker has had throughout the years. I'm a teacher at The Lowell Whiteman School, and I know it makes a huge difference when people reach out and say thank you.

Thanks to Betty Dickey, who was Tucker's happy and fun pre-pre-school day care person in his early years. To Traci Delliquadri, who showed Tucker how much fun art is. To Amber Anderson who taught him the value of friendships. Her day care was an oasis of play, fun, story-time and homemade chocolate chip pancakes.

Next, we want to thank Discovery Learning Center for pre-K and kindergarten. Tucker had an unbelievable experience in early education with teachers Jodette Freeman (we do so miss her), Anne Michele Berry, Faith Hansen, Dawn Alperti, Jimmy Ann Murphy and Tami Havener (principal). Tucker says he learned to like school at Discovery. His early interest in science began at with their clever science kits and projects. The Discovery team does such an amazing job accepting children for who they are, finding their gifts, and building on that foundation.

Next, we want to thank Strawberry Park Elementary School teachers and staff. From first grade to fifth, Tucker has had amazing teachers and wonderful people around him daily. Front office staff Linda Marsh and Barb Hurley have been cheerful and helpful on a daily basis for five years. Lynn Snaevly has been there to lead the way in times of stress.

Co-Principals Celia Dunham and Michele Miller deserve a round of applause for leading and supporting such a great team of teachers.

Mrs. Sally Houk used gentle understanding and positive vibes to give Tucker a great start in school in the first grade. Mrs. Katie Knezevich helped him discover he was good at math in second grade. She deserves credit for his joyous announcement, "We did something so fun in math today!" Mrs. Sarah LaPine was an amazing support system for Tuck in the third grade, and she taught him all about rewards for hard work.

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Mrs. Allyson Kopatz, fourth grade, was one of the kindest, most understanding teachers I have ever met. She dedicated much time and effort to Tucker and was very patient when he was hesitant to read anything but Hank the Cow-dog. "Trenia," she said, "At least he's reading!"

Miss Erin Hesse has been teaching Tucker in fifth grade this year, and he has developed a passion for reading and reading, thanks to her efforts, and those of the fifth-grade team, Mr. Scott Furgeson, Mrs. Jenny Krentz and Mrs.Chris Elliott. Tucker dutifully does his homework for Miss Hesse, and he has been educating his parents on science and history facts. That lets me know his fifth-grade teachers are doing a great job.

I know I have missed teachers in art, gym and music; nurses and parent volunteers; volunteers and teachers in 4-H; coaches in skiing at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, soccer, basketball and baseball; camp counselors, the city after-school program, the Boys & Girls Club and KVC. Please know your efforts and time on our son's behalf are so very much appreciated. Thank you for everything you do and know that you make a difference every single day.

And P.S. To Mrs. Barrows, Miss Ellis, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Williams, Miss Hagen, Miss Raven, Mr. Kilpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. Starkey, Mr. Panepinto, Rudy Schnackenberg, Tuck Clagett and Weems Westfelt — thank you for my (Trenia's) education, skiing abilities and guitar lessons — wherever you are.

Trenia, Russ & Tucker Sanford

Steamboat Springs

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