Tracy Barnett: Sorry, Del |

Tracy Barnett: Sorry, Del

— I want to apologize to Del DelHaute and his family for what has been perceived as an insensitive e-mail I sent Tuesday entitled "Epilogue Books is NOT going out of business." This e-mail was sent from Mainstreet Steamboat Springs to let those on the Mainstreet e-mail list know that the bright neon signs on the windows in the space next to Epilogue announcing a Going Out of Business sale were not for Epilogue but for Del's Jewelry. Epilogue was receiving calls very concerned about the sale and their pending demise. The letter was prompted by me and not by Epilogue. In these tough times, it is all every business can do to survive, let alone have to deal with conditions beyond their control. Impact from the economy and the recent downtown construction has been bad enough. Many people have thanked me for clarifying the question.

By sending this e-mail, I never meant to tarnish the contributions that Del and his family have given to this community throughout the years. At 91 years of age (we should all hope to live that long and still be productive), Del deserves a rest. Del's Jewelry has served this community for 63 years with fair prices, good service and is an example of what business in Steamboat Springs should be. We can all take a lesson from this hard-working family.

Again, I apologize if my words were flip and disrespectful. They were not meant in the way they apparently came across. I am so sorry.

Tracy Barnett

Mainstreet Steamboat Springs

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