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Town of Oak Creek

Accounts Payable – July, 2011

Payroll, $33,585.74; Yampa Valley Electric Association, electric for sewer plant $11,330.84; QWEST, telephones $704.89; Verizon Wireless, cell phones PD and PW $209.13; Pinnacol Assurance, worker’s compensation $1019.00; Routt County Road and Bridge, fuel for public works and pd $5404.71; Colorado Department of Revenue, June sales tax $1643.00; DPC Industries, chemicals $55.09; NMPP, power and payment $20,820.37; Steamboat Pilot and Today, publish accounts payable $57.84; T&T Construction, water tank, water main excavation $7839.50; Weiss & Van Skoyk, legal fees $3575.01; Grainger, parts for water plant $57.71; United States Insurance $111.60; Wagner Equipment, parts for equipment $975.14; Grand Junction Pipe and Supply, supplies for community garden, curb box, miscellaneous supplies $1651.06; Redmond Brothers, screened rock $1996.04; Eileen Rossi, CML Conference reimbursement $110.43; Johnson, Holscher & CO., audit $6000.00; Midwest Radar and Equipment, radar certification $120.00; Colorado Association of Municipal Clerks, liquor license training, $25.00; Landmark Consultants, water tank survey $678.75; Old West Sanitation, residential trash service $7987.50; Ace at the Curve, supplies $73.05; Envirotech Services, mag chloride $13,653.02; Corkle Oil, fuel for generator $673.90; Watersong Computers $167.50; Unum Life Insurance, employee premiums $1428.48; Power Service, Inc., fan belts for water plant $75.49; Bill Babcock, meter reading $442.50; Siemens Water Technology, air operated valves for water plant $1538.00; United States Postal Service, postage $1000.00; Quill Corporation, supplies $70.76; Staples, supplies $23.23; Flat Top Ranch Supply, supplies $619.05; Morris & Sons Electric, control for pump station $1272.32; M&N Plumbing Supply, parts for water plant $889.46; Ralph Cantafio, municipal judge June and July $920.00; Electric Deposit Refund $607.97; Qwest, long distance lines $19.18; Nikki Knoebel, training and travel reimbursement $161.17; VISA, CML conference, weapon for Eileen, Rocky Mtn. Sect/Amer. Water $1452.57; John Kirtland, water tank consultant $90.00; Craig Fire & Safety, community garden hydrant $372.85; Municipal Code Corporation, republication costs $2700.00; Dwyer Instruments, parts $353.45

Published in the Steamboat Pilot & Today

Publication Date: August 21, 2011

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