Town of Oak Creek Accounts Payable – May, 2011 |

Town of Oak Creek Accounts Payable – May, 2011


Town of Oak Creek

Accounts Payable – May, 2011

Payroll, $29,655.78; Yampa Valley Electric Association, electric for sewer plant $2439.75; QWEST, telephones $669.15; Verizon Wireless, cell phones PD and PW $221.02; Pinnacol Assurance, worker’s compensation $1019.00; Cromer Contracting, hang service, instruct crew $4258.56; Colorado Department of Revenue, sales tax $1800.00; City of Steamboat Springs, sampling $205.00; DPC Industries, chemicals $1382.29.00; Napa Auto Parts, parts for equipment $90.08; Eileen Rossi, training reimbursement $302.49; Colorado Association of Municipal Clerks, liquor licensing class $25.00; Steamboat Pilot, publish accounts payable $25.07; NMPP, power and payment $22,993.16; T&T Construction, haul of sludge from settling ponds, new sewer service on Bell, fill station at community garden $2942.50; Town of Oak Creek, petty cash $183.30; United States Insurance, employee premiums $111.60; USA Blue Book, supplies for water plant $402.29; Tuck Communication, equipment maintenance $275.00; Old West Sanitation, residential trash service $7962.00; Ace at the Curve, supplies $22.71; Lombardi’s Service, repair $261.55; Karen Halterman, mileage reimbursement, $25.50; Watersong, annual contract $2600.00; Ron Crawford, hauled from settling ponds, $1012.50; Bill Babcock, meter reading $442.50; UPS, shipping $19.98; Seimens Water Technology parts for water plant $3613.00; Staples, supplies $63.86; Lawson Products, supplies $65.97; Casselle, contract support $1041.00; Flat Top Ranch Supply, supplies $323.84; M&N Plumbing, supplies $683.93; Nolte Associates, water tank $13853.54; Clay Fallon, installation of carpet $100.00; VISA, miscellaneous $2068.66; Electric Deposit Refund, $83.48; Down South Truckin, settling ponds $1612.50, Marvin Transfer, settling ponds $750.00; Surroundings, Inc., settling ponds $1612.50; M & M Trucking, settling ponds $1387.50; ACET, town donation $750.00; John P. Kirtland, water tank consulting $120.00; Native Excavating, equipment rental for settling ponds $4833.00

Published in the Steamboat Pilot & Today

Publication Date: July 17, 2011

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