Town of Oak Creek Accounts Payable – March, 2011 |

Town of Oak Creek Accounts Payable – March, 2011


Town of Oak Creek

Accounts Payable – March, 2011

Payroll, $28,023.07; Yampa Valley Electric Association, electric for sewer plant $12,168.68; Qwest, telephones $668.47; Pinnacol Assurance, worker’s compensation $1019.00; Routt County Road and Bridge, fuel for public works and PD $3237.52; Cromer Contracting, electrical work $15,379.84; Colorado Department of Revenue, sales tax $2041.00; City of Steamboat Springs, sampling $110.50; DPC Industries, 48.00; Napa Auto Parts, parts for equipment $351.49; NNMP, power and payment $35,787.82; Steamboat Pilot & Today, publications $40.68; T & T Construction, water main on 4th Street, hauled screened rock $415.00; Verizon, cell phones for public works and PD $205.12; Weiss & Van Scoyk, legal fees $2300.04; United States Insurance, employee premiums $111.60; Colorado Department of Public Health, yearly emission fee on generator and wastewater discharge permit $289.08; Dana Kepner, supplies $476.00; Wagner Equipment, parts for equipment $325.54; Econo Signs, signs for public works $267.52; Grand Junction Pipe & Supply, 223.02; Betz Transformers, transformers $725.00; Bratton Enterprises, scoria $191.90; J.P. Cooke, pet license supplies $71.55; Old West Sanitation, residential trash service $8151.00; Ace at the Curve, supplies $63.59; Karen Halterman, mileage reimbursement $50.00; Corkle Oil Company, fuel for generator $655.76; Unum, employee premiums $916.01; Bill Babcock, meter reading $441.00; UPS, water sampling $85.96; Siemens Water Technology, contract service, parts for water plant $3912.00; Caselle, contract support $1041.00; Flat Tops Ranch Supply, supplies $574.23; Earl McFarland, property & casualty insurance premium $8526.00; Nolte Associates, engineering fees re: water tank $33,543.32; Accutest, sampling $573.00; John Fitzgerald, training and travel $140.00; Lance Dunaway, travel reimbursement $170.00; Electric deposit refunds $841.50; Freedom Enterprises, video inspection WWTP $713.50; Qwest, long distance line charges $10.87; 4 Seasons Storage, January and February storage for Larry Anderson $220.00; Debra Burr, LEAP payment refund $59.72; William Grimes, 2003 Bearcat $2900.00; Artworks Unlimited, graphics on new patrol car $1000.00; AV-Tech Electronics, outfit new police car $10,194.00

Published in The Steamboat Pilot & Today

Publication Date: April 10, 2011

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