Toss out the old marketing models |

Toss out the old marketing models

Business owners should embrace the blog.

Will Seccombe, president of Revolution Communications in Denver, said this week that business owners need to be inventive and open to new technologies as they market their goods and services, while meeting customer expectations for information. Blogging is one way to speak directly and often to customers.

Seccombe will be the keynote speaker at Steamboat’s Economic Summit 2006 at 9 a.m. Thursday at the Steamboat Grand Resort Hotel.

“The old marketing model no longer works,” Seccombe said. “This is true for McDonalds, Disney, Steamboat Resort and F.M. Light & Sons. Consumers are no longer passive in their acquisition of information, news and information. They actively get the information that they want, when they want it, and in a format that they want it.”

Some customers who have an urgent need for information about a particular product or industry are tuning their Web browsers to search for the subject matter and provide them a near constant stream of updates. Even small-business owners can tap into these proactive consumers and businesses by routing their blogs to the Internet via a method known in the tech world as an RSS feed, Seccombe said.

“Start a blog,” Seccombe said. “Utilize your expertise in your products and services to publish regularly updated information onto your Web site. Share it with other cooperative businesses and feed it to the Internet via RSS. Rise to the top of the search engines so that when people are looking for a ski condo in Steamboat, they come to you instead of Travelocity.”

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Author Barbara Wold, who will speak at noon Thursday at the economic summit, said consumers’ demand for instantly accessible information from their desired mediums transfers to the way they make purchases.

Among her list of 20 emerging retail trends, she includes the inevitability that consumers will rely on handheld devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants, not only for Internet access but also for making transactions.

“Handheld devices would bridge the gap between desire and action,” Wold said, because unlike personal computers, handhelds make Internet stores accessible from anywhere.

In her presentation, Wold also can be expected to talk about emerging retail trends that favor mom-and-pop stores.

She promised a lively talk that will include a list of trends customized to mountain resort towns such as Steamboat.

Ready for another retail trend?

Get ready for the day when you will be able to make grocery purchases by scanning your items right at the display, rather than waiting in line at an automated checkout counter.

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