Tony Rosso: Long-term future in mind |

Tony Rosso: Long-term future in mind

Tony Rosso

Throughout my professional career, I have been a member of a system or organization. I have developed business models, sports teams and collegiate courses of study. Engaging in these activities takes skills in planning, creating a vision for success and gathering input from stakeholders.

Many strategic plans, vision statements and business plans I have been involved with have typically plotted out three to five years into the future. As a school board member for the Steamboat Springs community, I have to envision a plan that reaches much further into the future.

My youngest son is not yet 2. For those of us with children who haven't started or who have just started their educational journey, we want to ensure access to quality schooling for them in upwards of two decades. This means governing for sustainability, not just a term.

I feel like I am the candidate who can envision a long-term future while preserving the traditions that have made the Steamboat Springs School District a destination district.

As a business owner in the community and the spouse of a member of a third-generation family in the community, I also feel like I am the candidate who is committed for the long haul and not just for temporary political gain.

An example of my respect for the Steamboat culture, while planning for its future success, is my participation in the Steamboat Wrestling Club. Steamboat Springs has a rich history of excellence in the sport of wrestling. While nationwide support for the sport has waned, there are many boys, as well as girls, who are participating in the youth club here. I have facilitated growth and progress for the Steamboat wrestling program while keeping a storied tradition alive.

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This is how I plan to approach my role as a Steamboat Spring School Board member. Community leaders have to keep current with emerging technologies, cultural advancements and global economies while also staying true to community values and customs. I can be that community leader for the Steamboat Spring School District.

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