Tom Maneotis: Stick up for taxpayers |

Tom Maneotis: Stick up for taxpayers

On May 1, an article in the Greeley Tribune explained how oil and gas production has helped Weld County. From two companies the county has received $148 million in property taxes. One of the benefits listed was free groundwater monitoring for residents concerned about their water wells. To date, more than 100 have been tested with no ill effects. A new crime lab, libraries, two new fire stations and improved roads in the county are among a few of the other benefits of the oil and gas production.

Most important, they are lowering property taxes by 24 percent. Who couldn't use that savings? Maybe we could go through one election without a tax initiative on the ballot.

Speaking of elections, remember these things in future elections and vote for people who are concerned about the future of Routt County and quit listening to all the scare tactics some people are bringing up. Let's quit voting for the Democratic or Republican parties and vote for the candidate who is going to help the county and stick up for the taxpayers.

We have supported this county through our taxes long enough. Now we have a chance to get some help. The elk, sage grouse, antelope, deer, etc. will survive. Oil wells are nothing compared to the predators, but nobody wants to talk about that. Most of the animals in the county are concentrated around coal mines today, so why would an oil well bother them?

Tom Maneotis

Oak Creek

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